Hefazat-e-Islam plans to resort to militancy activities


Several hard-liner leaders of pro-Caliphate Hefazat-e-Islam are now taking preparations of starting massive militancy activities within the country. According to intelligence source, Hefazat leader Junaid Babunagari and few other ultra-Islamist leaders of Khelafat Andolan, Khelafat Majlish as well as Hefazat cohorts such as Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizbut Tahrir, Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh (JMB) and Hizbul Mujahedin in West Bengal are taking preparations of starting massive militancy acts after the month of Ramadan, with the nefarious agenda of unseating the democratically elected government in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, sitting in London, BNP’s convicted fugitive leader Tarique Rahman has been suggesting donors of his party to help Hefazat financially in “implementing” its “activities after Ramadan”. A number of Tarique Rahman confidantes are coordinating the fund collection efforts, while Tarique’s friend Giasuddin Mamun and Mia Nuruddin Apu reportedly are contacting several militancy outfits including ULFA’s fugitive leader Paresh Baruah requesting them to arrange weapons and explosives for Hefazat’s activities.

Seeking anonymity, a credible source told Blitz, a number of officials of Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence in Dubai as well as Dubai-based company ARY are also maintaining regular contacts with Tarique Rahman discussing possible ways of transporting short weapons and explosives for Hefazat activities. It is learned from the source that, Pakistani spy agency is delighted at the victory of Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) in West Bengal in India, as it would enable ISI and its affiliates in using West Bengal sea port in transporting weapons and explosives. It is also learned from the same source that several influential leaders of TMC are maintaining regular contacts with ISI, Dawood Ibrahim and Hizbul Mujahedin activists.

The source said, Hefazat-e-Islam and its cohorts currently are working on preparing a “hit list” of dozens of individuals that include editors, journalists, columnist, politicians and anti-Islamist government officials. The organization also is running anti-Awami League propaganda in a number of countries, including Turkey, Qatar, Lebanon and Iran through BNP leader Mahmudur Rahman, Khalefat Andolan leader Kazi Azizul Huq and others. It is also learned that, despite ideological differences, Nobel laureate Dr Mohammed Yunus and an editor of an English daily are also indirectly helping Hefazat’s agenda by spreading concocted propaganda against Awami League mostly in the US and other western nations.

The source further said, anti-government elements are also contacting Qatar-based terror broadcast network Al Jazeera with request of questioning the arrest of Hefazat leaders by branding them Islamic scholars.

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