Pakistanis continue disrespecting chapels in France


With the alarming rise of radical Islam in France, Pakistanis in that country are becoming aggressively enthusiastic in exhibiting power of Pakistani Muslims and even are showing signs of Pakistanis desire of invading churches in the country. Graffiti of Pakistani flags are seen on the walls of Christian churches in France, including century-old chappels.

According to news report, an 11th century chapel was tagged in Fabrègues (Hérault) on Monday April 26, Le Figaro learned on Thursday April 29. The graffiti appears to represent the flag of Pakistan. “It was tagged Monday evening and I was informed on Tuesday afternoon. I immediately alerted the gendarmerie and the prefect. I filed a complaint,” the mayor (without title) of the town, Jacques Martinier, stated to Le Figaro.

“I think it is linked to Macron’s speech on Samuel Paty and the cartoons, there had been demonstrations in Pakistan,” recalls the mayor. “It is a building located on a high point, far from the city center. Those who did this could have come from anywhere,” continues the elected official, who sees it as “a symbolic act.”

The damage was initially revealed on Facebook by Fabrice Thiry, representative of East Hérault for the National Gathering, before being relayed by MEP Gilbert Collard on Twitter.

After the intervention of the municipal services of Fabrègues, the tag on the religious building was partially erased this Friday. An investigation by the Saint-Jean-de-Védas gendarmerie is underway to try to identify the perpetrators.

It may be mentioned here that, during the recent years, Muslims from Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, and Qatar in particular are becoming increasingly aggressive in a number of western nations, including Britain and they even are considering declaring immigrant-dominated areas as ‘Sharia Zone’.

In Britain, situation is even worse. Muslims migrants in Britain are gradually becoming intolerant to non-Muslims and even are dreaming of bringing the country under the “flag of Islam”.

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