Under the garb of Hefazat-e-Islam leadership, Mamunul is a sex predator


After frantic bids of hiding truth, pro-Caliphate radical Islamic group Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque has finally confessed, the phone conversations of him with his real wife Amina Tayyiba and his sex-slave Jannat Ara Jharna are real. Earlier Mamunul and his Hefazat-e-Islam cronies tried to label those telephone conversations are fake. 

Meanwhile, three hand-written diaries containing over 200 pages of Jharna are leaked by several media outlets, where Jannat Ara Jharna wrote: “Allah you know everything. No one is beside me. What shall I do? Allah tell me what shall I do. I can’t bear [the pains of being caught with Mamunul]. Return my lost life. Allah why Mr. Mamun has bought by body? Mamun is yours. Shahid (Jharna’s husband Shahidul Islam Jafar] is yours. Whom do I belong Allah?”

Jharna further wrote in her diary: “Mamunul Haque kept me in a house at Green Road [an area in Dhaka city] without marrying. He used to give me money. But did not give me the status of his wife by marrying”.

Jannat Ara Jharna wrote: Mamunul was having sexual relations with her by giving false promise of marrying. Their physical relations began long time ago. Jharna repent such extra-marital physical relations. Each of the pages of the diary contain details of how Mamunul Haque had spoiled her life by almost turning her into her sex slave.

She wrote: “Don’t know whether I love or hate him [Mamunul Haque]. But he has turned my life into hell”.

The sordid story of Jannat Ara Jharna

A page of Jannat Ara Jharna’s 200-page diary

Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque and his party cohorts were repeatedly claiming – Jannat Ara Jharna is his second wife. At Royal Resort, Mamunul Haque registered Jharna’s name as Amina Tayyiba. But in reality, Tayyiba is Mamunul’s real wife.

According to information, Jannat Ara Jharna is the second child of her parents. She has seven siblings. Jharna has two sons named Abdur Rahman and Tamim from her husband Shahidul Islam Jafar.

Talking to a local television channel, Jharna’s son Abdur Rahman called upon everyone not to blindly believe in Mamunul Haque as he has cheated Jharna and almost treated her as sex slave. Mamunul Haque was continuing such notoriety under the masks of beard and Islamic cap.

Abdur Rahman demanded punishment of the Hefazat-e-Islam leader.

Meanwhile, Mamunul appeared on Facebook LIVE and confessed his misdeeds and sought apology. He even went further by saying, as per Islamic rule, lying with wife is allowed, if that is for making her happy.

Commenting on Mamunul’s Facebook statement, several scholars and anti-radical Islam individuals said, people like Mamunul Haque are traders of Islam. These elements even give false interpretation of Qur’an for their mere personal benefit. The way Mamunul Haque has been using Janaat Ara Jharna as his mere sex slave in a serious crime. He should face stern legal actions.

Meanwhile, according to credible sources, Jannat Ara Jharna is not the only woman who has been cheated by Mamunul Haque. This sex predator has spoiled the lives of many.

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Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque’s exclusive video



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