Mohammad Yunus resorts to his old dirty actions


For the last few weeks, half-Nobel Prize winner Dr Mohammad Yunus has again become active with the vicious agenda against the Bangladesh government as his old friends, Bill and Hillary Clinton are back on the helm of power with Clinton-Obama disciple Joe Biden in presidency. In the US, Yunus has formed a nexus with BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami leaders, several minority rights activists, as well as pro-Pakistan forces. Sitting in Canada, Bangladesh’s former chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha is also maintaining regular contacts with Yunus cronies. Despite the fact of Yunus’ fall from the towering height of being the founder of Grameen Bank, which he had falsely projected as the savior of poor people, individuals like Hillary Clinton – for example still holds undue sympathy for this man, who has been a blood-sucker of the borrowers of Grameen Bank and a proven liar, who did not hesitate in fooling international community – even those esteemed members of the Nobel Prize Committee.

The euphoria generated by the media after Yunus won the Nobel Prize got dissipated following reports appeared in Blitz as well as some other media outlets in Bangladesh and abroad – highlighting high interest rates charged by the Grameen Bank, tough payment schedules and inhuman recovery methods leading to miseries including suicides committed by the poor loan defaulters.

Recent activities of Mohammad Yunus

According to credible sources, Mohammad Yunus has been contacting several Clinton-loyalist leaders of the Democratic Party as well as members of the Congress and Senate with the nefarious agenda of using them against Bangladesh government. The latest statement of US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is a result of Yunus’ persuasion.

As per BNP-Jamaat’s advice, Yunus reportedly is also sending a dossier containing propaganda against Bangladesh government with the request of “closely monitoring activities” of the ruling party in the country. He and his cronies are also trying to misled the US policymakers about Bangladesh, while some minority rights activists, including Priya Saha has been continuing propaganda with the imaginary stories of minority persecution in the country.

Dubious website of Priya Saha

Several weeks ago, a so-called rights activist named Priya Saha has launched a website named priyasaha[dot]com, where Saha is shown as human rights activist. This website is run by an organization named ‘Neve Charity’, although it does not have any registration in the US. Moreover, Saha is collecting donation from people through this website, which even does not have any address or phone number of it. According to US law, collecting money through any unregistered organization is a punishable offense.

The real story of Mohammad Yunus

For years, international community has been made to believe that Mohammad Yunus was lending money to rural poor people in Bangladesh, especially woman, as a very comfortable and low interest. This was what Yunus had told everyone while receiving fund for his blood-sucking venture. In most cases, Yunus was getting interest-free fund or fund with a very nominal annual interest. According to media reports, the highest amount of annual interest on any foreign loan that Grameen Bank had received was 3 percent. Moreover, a major segment of the foreign loans or grants received by Grameen Bank were extremely low or free from any interest. But Yunus was lending money to poor people at a rate ranging between 40-70 percent per year! For this reason, Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League had rightly termed Yunus as bloodsucker of the poor.

Bloodsucking show of Dr Muhammad Yunus

The bloodsucking show of Dr Muhammad Yunus was exposed by Blitz in 2011 through a number of investigative reports. Prior to publication of the reports, our reporters were sent to Jobra village in Chattogram, which was claimed to be the model “success story” of Yunus and his Grameen Bank. Our reporters interacted with the villagers and collected information as well as photographs, to expose the lies of Yunus.

It may be mentioned here that, Mohammad Yunus projected a documentary film on woman’s fortune at the Nobel Prize awarding ceremony in Oslo, Norway on October 13, 2006, through which he had falsely claimed his success story. The documentary mainly focused on the first borrower of Grameen Bank, Sufia Begum [also spelled as Sufiya Begum], showing her as owning a two-stotey building after rising from miserable condition.

But in reality, our reports had exposed the real condition of Sufia Begum. Although Yunus and Grameen Bank claimed to have helped her in erecting her own building, in reality, she was living in dire economic condition in an almost broken hut, with other members of her family. The building which Yunus and Grameen Bank was showing as Sufia’s in their documentary films was actually owned by an individual named Jabel Hussain, an expatriate Bangladeshi in Dubai.

The owner Jabel Hussain had, from Dubai, instructed his relatives in Bangladesh to sue Yunus and Grameen bank if his two storey house is again shown as Sufia’s in future. There had never been any response or comment or statement from Yunus and his Grameen Bank though the Blitz report was read by hundreds and thousands of people from around the world.

Furthermore, Nurun Nahar, the youngest daughter of Sufia Begum told Blitz reporters that though Mohammad Yunus earned name, fame and even Nobel Prize, her mother being the first borrower of microcredit scheme could not change her life and had to lead a miserable life. She said, Sufia Begum took loan to start a cane business but found her trapped in a vicious circle of loan and interest. Later, she was compelled to take loan from different sources to repay Grameen Bank.

It may be mentioned here that, at personal efforts of Bill and Hillary Clinton, bloodsucker Yunus was given highest civilian medal in the US by President Barack Obama.

Being inspired by the Blitz report, award-winning investigative Danish documentary filmmaker Tom Heinemann made a film titled ‘Caught in Mocro debt’, where he too had shown the falsehood and cruelty of Mohammad Yunus.

Sufia’s daughters Halima and Nurunnahar said that they were left absolutely pauper and have to beg for survival. On investigation, it was found that when Sufia died due to extreme poverty the local people had to collect donations for her burial.

The false story Yunus was telling the world

The story of Sufia reads like this. Yunus gave TK. 20 [US$ 0.25] to Sufia Begum of Jobra village years back as loan with the condition of returning in time with interest. Sufia returned that money and got second loan of Tk. 500 from Yunus. She was so excited that she spread the news in the entire village. This was the beginning of Grameen Bank concept. But, most of the borrowers, who took money from Yunus, gradually turned from poor to poorest as they were compelled to pay regular interests at high rate. In Jobra village alone, a large number of villagers have already been turned into paupers by Yunus and his Grameen Bank.

Yunus and his Grameen Bank projected Jobra village and Sufia as example of their excellent success stories to the international audience. Through such campaign, Yunus has attained tremendous attention of the international community. He has gained fame in the world as ‘pioneer’ of micro credit, for which, Bill Clinton had personally pursued and succeeded in letting Yunus receive the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. The name of Sufia Begum, the first borrower of loan from Yunus’s Grameen Bank, has already crossed international boundaries of many countries, as Grameen Bank proudly pronounced her name as one of the brilliant success stories of their so called micro-credit loans. It is beyond knowledge of many that, almost one decade back, Sufia died due to extreme poverty and lack of any minimum medical treatment.

Broken hut of Grameen Bank’s first borrower Sufia Begum. The adjacent white building is owned by Jabel Hussain (a person living in Dubai), which Yunus had falsely claimed to have been owned by Sufia.

Blitz also reported that Yunus took former US first lady Hillary Clinton at Grameen Bank’s project situated at Rishi Palli at Moshihati in Bangladesh, where Yunus initiated a project named ‘Hillary Adarsha’ (Hillary Model) and started distributing loans to the locals.

Although Hillary Clinton was deeply impressed and given assurance of providing soft-term loan to the poor villagers, in reality, the villagers were made to pay 30-40 percent interest. After the visit of Hillary Clinton, the entire village turned into a land of horror. Extreme poverty due to high interest charged by the Grameen Bank pushed them towards starvation, poverty and compelling many of them to commit suicide. Child marriage is very common in that village. A large number of females from the village ended up in local and neighboring brothels, as they were virtually sold by parents due to poverty. Now, Hillary Model village has turned into a big joke to the locals. But Yunus was successful in tactfully suppressing this fact from the attention of Hillary Clinton.

Uday Kumar Barua, a resident of Jobra village told reporters that, even a single person in the Jobra village has not benefited by Yunus. Most of the borrowers turned completely pauper and they even had to sell their homes for paying the loan interest and left the village. Many of them even ended up as beggars. Even after being sacked from his position in the Grameen Bank, Yunus continues to keep virtual ownership of Grameen Bank and the entire fifty-five sister enterprises established under this umbrella, such as Grameen Phone and Grameen Kalyan.

Mohammad Yunus fooled the world

While many people in the world knew Mohammad Yunus as a noble soul and friend of the poor, in reality, he is a damn liar, a con artist and someone who has fooled millions of people in the world by telling false stories of his success and that of Grameen Bank. It is time for everyone to note – Yunus is a bloodsucker, a culprit, an opportunist and a monstrous individual. Policymakers in the US and the western nations in particular and the world in general should distant themselves from this ruthless and greedy person. Mohammad Yunus is no noble name at all. He is a living nightmare – a person who has pushed hundreds and thousands of poor people in Bangladesh towards extreme sufferings because of his unending greed. Can the Nobel Committee take back their prestigious award?

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