Ukrainian mom approves minor girl to date with boyfriend


This is the story of a Ukrainian mother allowing her 8-year-old Instagram daughter dating a 13-year-old boy. They even are sharing photos of being together in bed. Mother of the girl is also posting sexually explicit photographs of her daughter along with the 13-year-old boyfriend.

According to Russia Today the girl named Milana Makhanets of Ukraine has more than half-a-million followers on her Instagram account and nearly 7 million of the Singaporean video-sharing app – Likee.

Critics are saying, the mother apparently does not realize that the lion’s share of views of her minor daughter’s posts come from pedophiles.

This scandal has been going on for some time. Previously, the mother, Darya Makhanets, who runs her daughter’s social media accounts, post disturbing photos of the child with her teenager boyfriend.

One of the images, now deleted, showed the girl in her underwear brushing her teeth. Another showed the two in bed together.

The boy, Pasha Pai, has 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Russia Today reported the girl said on social media, “Pasha and I are now a couple”.

The mother pushed back against critics.

“This is their life, and they will figure it out on their own,” she said.

Gerda Weber of Kiev, according to Russia Today, wrote on Facebook: “Mila’s mom Darya has trouble with her head. She sexualizes her own child for money. In addition to the squealing children in the comments, Darya doesn’t realize that the lion’s share of views come from pedophiles”.

The report said a social-media post from a lawyer charged the mother “made a seductive woman out of an eight-year-old girl for perverts”.

Despite such perversion and violation of Instagram rules, which prohibits sexual exploitation of the children, the accounts of the Ukrainian minor girl had not been removed.

Criticizing Darya Makhanets for her abuse of the minor daughter, a journalist in Ukraine told Blitz, “This is a clear case of sexual perversion which also would only encourage pedophiles. Authorities need to take actions against the mother of the child. Such acts are not only violating Instagram rules, it also is violating local laws in Ukraine”.


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