Thailand takes massive steps to restore tourism industry


Thailand finally is taking massive initiatives in vaccinating majority of the population with the target or reopening the tourism industry. According to media reports, due to the pandemic and prolonged lockdown, hundreds of tourism-based business establishments, including hotels, motels, bars, gogo bars, cocktail lounge, massage parlors etcetera have already faced closure, leaving thousands of people jobless.

All first shots of the Covid-19 vaccine will be given to target populations in the next three months, while the entire inoculation program is expected to finish by the end of this year.

Public Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Kiattiphum Wongrajit said when 60 percent of the population has been inoculated against Covid-19 and the prevention measures continue to be well maintained, the outbreak should be well under control

He said an effective Covid-19 vaccine distribution plan will be crucial for the government’s plan to reopen the country and boost the economy through tourism promotion programs.

Dr Kiattiphum said in this current urgent and first phase of the Covid-19 vaccination program, 2 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine supplied by China’s Sinovac Biotech are being distributed to all 13 provinces, including five provinces considered as the country’s prime tourist destinations.

Pattaya bargirls seeing hope

According to Pattaya Mail, As the world edges nearer to the end of the coronavirus pandemic, the bright lights and higher pay of overseas jobs are catching the eye of Thai bargirls again.

Before Covid-19, former Walking Street go-go dancer Bella worked in a hostess bar and earned several times what she could make in Pattaya. With borders closed and the virus raging, that’s not been an option for the past year.

But now, as countries other than Thailand make steady progress in vaccinating their populations against Covid-19, she is looking again at venturing abroad, with an eye on Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Until then, Bella works promoting beer at a Thai pub. The money pales to even that she made on Walking Street, but her bar there remains closed.


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