Iran offers counterfeit banknotes through online ads


Clearly, individuals linked to influential mullahs of terror-patron Iran has become highly confident and even aggressive ever-since their old-friend Joe Biden became the US President. Such desperation of Iranian national has been detected by the investigative team of journalists of BLiTZ and The Eastern Herald, hour ago, where we located an ad on Google AdSense, where a company named Standard Laboratories is offering counterfeit US dollars, Euro, British Pound, and other foreign currencies, including Saudi riyal, UAE dirham, Kuwaiti dinner and Israeli Shekel to people. Most surprising fact is – Iranians are also promoting their criminal activities of openly selling counterfeit currency of different countries, through its Facebook Page. While Facebook has been regularly removing and blocking contents of various users under the pretext of ‘Community Standard’, it is a matter of gravest surprise and even huge concern as to how and why Facebook authorities are allowing Iran in continuing such illegal activities through its page on the social media giant. According to legal experts, for this particular case, authorities concerned can even lodge criminal cases along with compensation suits against Facebook.

Exposing Iran’s counterfeit currency trade

Recently, Iran has placed an advertisement on Google AdSense under the title of ‘Buy Counterfeit Banknotes’. In the description of the advertisement, it is said: We are a leader in authentic Counterfeit Banknote production. Looking for counterfeit money? We have 100% undetectable counterfeit money to furnish customers.

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Easter Herald investigative reporter adds:

According to information obtained by an investigative reporter of Indian newspaper The Eastern Herald, the man behind the show is Ahmed Aziz, whop falsely claims to be a graduate from the University of Glasgow and gives his location as Delhi, India.

It also adds that since October 30, 2019, the racket has been running a Facebook Page under the name of Standard International Labs and described itself as chemical company. It says: Standard International Labs is an international laboratory specialized in cleaning black notes (USD, Euro, pounds, and all kinds of local currencies) with ssd solution chemical and cleaning machine for huge amount.

This company earlier was using a website named Standards Labs, which gets redirected to the current website. It’s email address is salespharma87[at]

In a video showing making of US dollar bills it says: Contact us on whatsapp for original bank notes development with red mercury and super chemical we need potential partners and we share the percentage 50/50 . We have all types of cliches for all local currencies in our labs and technicians available to do the good work. Whatsapp: +32460211502

On a Facebook Page post, dated September 12, 2020, the racket said: An International American firm is actually running a large investments projects in Asia especially in INDIA (Bangalore city, New Delhi, Mumbai….) BANGLASESH (Dhaka), DUBAI…. The project is based on Schools construction, Hospitals construction, Hotels construction, petrol station ….

We are looking for serious citizen partners in above named locations to achieve these projects (we are also hiring a limited number of workers)

Contact us now for further partnership and to achieve these projects as soon as possible Whatsapp: +32460211502.

Video looks to be made by African nationals

According to the video posted on Facebook, the hands seem to be of any African national. But, it is a matter of great concern as to how such contents of fraudulent or criminal acts are being posted on Facebook as well as Google AdSense.

Belgian Mondial Telecom’s Iran connection

The contact email address of the above advertisers is standardlaboratories6[at], while WhatsApp number is +32460211502. Our investigators say, this WhatsApp number in from Belgian telecom operator named Mondial Telecom, Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium. While another source said, this number is from telecom operator company named Mobile World, Belgium. It is further learnt that at least two of the key shareholders of Mondial Telecom are having direct business relations with several Iranian individuals, two of whom are from Iran’s notorious Revolutionary Guards Corps and its intelligence agency. The user of mobile number +32460211502 has purchased more than 180 SIM cards from various outlets of the Mondial Telecom.

Possibility of scam racket behind the AdSense advertisement

When contacted, experts dealing into scam and scammer related issues told BLiTZ that the above advertisement as well as contents on Facebook could be from any organized scamming racket, who are using a Belgian mobile phone number and communicating with the target victim via WhatsApp.


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