Joe Biden unfreezes US$3 billion Iranian funds


Joe Biden clearly is committed in helping world’s top state sponsor of terrorism with billions of dollars – both from the American people’s tax dollars as well as by unfreezing Iranian funds. Let us not forget, back in 2016, when Joe Biden was vice president, the Barack Obama administration sent Iran a pallet with millions – if not billions of unmarked bills in the dead of night in exchange for US prisoners. At that time, Iranian parliament member Alireza Zakani said the Obama-Biden administration gave Iran US$1.7 billion in cash, with US$400 million in suitcases. Now Iran’s old darling Joe Biden is back in the White House and his glad tidings towards the brutal regime in Iran are continuing.

According to media reports, Joe Biden agreed to release US$3 billion in Iranian funds that have been frozen in Iraq, Oman and South Korea, Iranian trade official Hamid Hosseini told the semi-official Fars news agency.

It may be mentioned here that, US sanctions imposed by former President Donald Trump had prevented Iran from accessing tens of billions of its assets in foreign banks. A significant amount of these funds would go into the grips of Iran’s notorious Revolutionary Guards, and help Tehran in boosting its funding and promoting terrorism in the Middle East and the world. It will also help Iran in enhancing logistic support to Houthi militias.

Joe Biden’s move comes despite increasing attacks on mostly including civilian targets inside Saudi Arabia by Iran-funded Houthi militias as well as terrorist attacks by Iraqi militias, which reportedly includes a deadly rocket barrage on a US-led coalition base in northern Iraq in February this year.

According to NBC the attack featured at least 14 107mm rockets, a favored weapon supplied by Iran to the militias.

Iranian frozen assets in Iraq amount to more than $6 billion, according to Iranian officials.

The head of the Iran-South Korea Chamber of Commerce said in October Iranian frozen funds in South Korea are worth $8.5 billion and added that their release depended on the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

The Biden administration revoked snapback sanctions imposed by the Trump administration against Iran and also revoked travel restrictions on senior Iranian diplomats at the United Nations.

Most importantly, Joe Biden is unfreezing Iranian funds at a crucial time when Tehran is plotting series of nerve-agent attacks inside Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Biden’s gift to Iran will help the terror-patron nation in expediting its notoriety within the Middle Eastern nations, Israel, the US and other nations that mullahs in Iran consider as enemies.


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