Joe, dementia, pandemic and Khashoggi case


For an American president, dementia should not be a problem, as he can run the country through his running-mate – de facto president Kamala Harris and those circling him. Joe Biden can also break-up with America’s long-time ally Saudi Arabia as he and Harris are eager in establishing fresher romance with Iranian mullahs, thus spread reign of terror through Middle East and Israel. To Biden and his team, romancing with Iran would be a better choice as Tehran has always been an enemy of Donald Trump. For Biden it would be like having romance with the enemy of the enemy. America’s new administration can forget about doing business worth billions of dollars with Saudi Arabia for the sake of their ego and anti-Trump sentiment.

Despite the fact of US intelligence’s recently declassified Jamal Khashoggi murder report being totally a huge joke, most of the media – irrespective of left and right leaning – in the world are trying to play this as a strong card in wrongly demonizing the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. They are looking for harsh action against the Saudi Crown Prince with tougher sanctions, although they too know, such actions would not only be unjustified, but it would potentially damage America’s relations with Saudi Arabia. It may even deprive US from selling weapons worth billions of dollars to the Kingdom. Such actions may permanently discourage Saudis and those from the Middle Eastern nations in abandoning their luxury of buying properties in the US and investing in American businesses.

American media’s affection towards a terrorist

There is no room of having any doubt about Jamal Khashoggi’s affiliation with radical Islamic terrorist groups, such as Muslim Brotherhood. No one can also argue about his connections with Osama bin Laden and many of the Al Qaeda thugs. Still he has emerged into the poster-man of the American, western and even Asian media outlets. All of them are shedding crocodile tears and frantically trying to portray him as a hero. Those pro-Khashoggi media are even misleading the people by propagating him as a staff of the Washington Post, while others are showing him as an American citizen. In contrary, none of those media outlets are demanding sanctions on Pakistani Prime Minister and those bigwigs in the ruling party in Pakistan for releasing the murderer of journalist Daniel Pearl.

Jamal Khashoggi with Taliban jihadists

TIME magazine in its recent article claims, Joe Biden won’t be inviting Saudi Crown Prince to visit the US “anytime soon” and he is not taking Mohammed bin Salman’s calls. It claimed, Biden is communicating with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Although such claims cannot be verified, one can only say – Joe Biden has not spoken to many of the international leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leaders of the Gulf region and others in Asian and African continent. Moreover, one may also say – Joe Biden, a man suffering from dementia may not be allowed by his Vice President and aides in talking to key figures in the world, as they consider him physically and mentally unstable. In this case, Joe Biden’s communication with the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud can be doubted. Instead, there is possibility that his aides, including his Vice President – Kamala Harris – the de facto President of the United States might be actually taking care of key issues of this nature.

Whether a dementia Joe speaks to any of the world leaders is really not any important point for anyone to consider. Instead, for Americans and particularly the Biden administration, the forthcoming challenges of acute economic recession, unemployment, and budget shortfall during the post-pandemic years should be the matters of gravest concern. Furthermore, let me remind my readers – immediately after Biden’s inauguration as the president, American media has stopped much focusing on the pandemic issue, as if it has left the US with the end of Trump’s era. There is already a wrong tendency of somehow playing hide-and-seek with the COVID-19 issue with American people. Why? Because, Joe Biden knows no solution to any crisis. His only agenda was to grab power and ensure a never-ending tenure of the Democrats, lefts and Islamists.

Joe Biden and his cronies have succeeded in paving the path to Democrat’s remaining in power eternally. Now he and his aides are to play all the foul cards in jeopardizing America’s interests – domestically and internationally. Jamal Khashoggi case is just a part of the broader agenda.


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