Terror outfit Boko Haram breeds child jihadists


Africa possibly is going to become next capital of radical Islamic jihad. According to news reports, jihadist activity, including recruitment of children has been continuing under the noses of the United Nations and every so-called human rights-supporting nation. As per Western standards, training children to be martyrs [suicide attackers] is considered as child abuse. Counterterrorism experts say, children are brainwashed and encouraged in joining suicide attacks, while they are being given training of operating weapons, including assault rifles and making explosives. Although until recently child jihadists were mostly bred by Islamic State (ISIS) and Palestinian jihadist groups, including mega-terror outfit Hamas, for the past couple of years, hundreds of children are being provided armed training by Islamist militancy groups such as Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Abu Saiyyaf and Iranian regime’s Al Quds Force.

According to Ripples Nigeria, dreaded Boko Haram terrorists have released a video where children as young as 10-years-old were seen being trained in the art of combat and insurgency in what it tagged ‘Next Generation Fighters’.

It said: In the alleged training video, the child soldiers are seen being trained with sophisticated weapons like AK-47 rifles and Zastava M21, a very powerful weapon described as a series of 5.56×45mm NATO firearms developed and manufactured by Zastava Arms in Serbia.

The Zastava M21 built based on the Kalashnikov design, has appeared in previous pictures shared by Boko Haram factions or reported to have been looted from various military formations across the north and in the Cameroon.

The images from the video show the relatively young children dressed in combat-style clothing and balaclava participating in martial arts training, weapon handling training and religious education class.

The report further said, some children were also shown holding different Kalashnikov pattern assault rifles with under folding, side-folding and fixed wooden stocks.

A section of the 16 minutes and 40 seconds video which was recorded in Hausa and Arabic languages also showed religious education and indoctrination sessions.


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