Iranian regime forces Baháʼís to convert into Islam


Baháʼís, a religious minority group in Iran has come under cruel persecution and are asked by the mullah regime either to convert into Islam or face severe consequences. During the recent days, Twitter users are seeing posts with information that resembles the Puritan era incidents in America, Europe or the Middle East. But of course, no one would expect such religious discrimination in the 21st century. According to the information, mullah regime in the Islamic Republic of Iran has been torturing, mass killing, confiscating properties and ignoring the basic rights of the Baháʼís. In today’s Iran, Baháʼís are the worst persecuted religious groups.

For the past many decades, members of the Baháʼís religious minority group has been living in Ivel, a picturesque village in the heart of Mozandaran province in Iran. Most of these villagers were farmers who owned their fields in addition to a few animals that were necessary for a farm lifestyle.

But life became extremely difficult for Baháʼís in Iran, following the 1979-Islamic Revolution. Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini and his band of radical Shiite men and women began an orchestrated repression on this peaceful religious community. Those Shiite fanatics asked the Baháʼís of Ivel to accept Islam and abandon the Baháʼí faith, or else leave their hometown. Khomeini’s followers placed placards stating “Either Islam or Evacuate”, which had followed by continuous persecution in various forms. Such intimidation included confiscation of the Bahais’ houses and their banishment of Ivel, while female members of the community were regularly abducted by the members of notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Baháʼí men and women were pushed into prison under various excuses, while girls and women were raped and murdered either by the prison guards or the members of Quds Force.

Shiite clergymen regularly issued sermons branding Baháʼís as enemies of Allah. People were encouraged to apply various forms of intimidation tactics on the Iranian Baháʼís.

International community should immediately raise voice in defense of the Baháʼís in Iran and save them from ongoing religious persecution by the Shiite mullahs.


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