Biden’s agenda of appeasing Iranian regime


Iran is a snake – a nation patronizing global terror. But unfortunately, ever-since Joe Biden became the US president, there is clear signals of America’s evasive and exhausting tendency of adopting the wrong policy of appeasing Iranian regime. Writes Hailah Al-Mashouh

If the policeman of the world (America) has started using the language of evasive and exhausting statements towards Iran as well as the latter’s nuclear program and its meddling acts in the region since the administration of President Joe Biden took over the reins of power and pursues a policy of vetoing everything done earlier by the administration of his predecessor Donald Trump then there is an issue.

Most notable among them is the revocation of the Houthi militia classification as a terrorist organization after it was endorsed by Trump ten days before his departure from the White House. And, thus today we are facing an imminent Iranian threat and an American administration with a soft position toward this danger. The question then begs who is there as an alternative to confront this danger?

When we review the major powers that are trying to position themselves in the middle of the global balance of power on which our Arab region and the world in general depend, Russia will definitely be not among those for two reasons: Firstly, it is no longer considered as the economic, military and political competitor after its disintegration, and secondly, it is in harmony with Iranian policy as there are defense and strategic interests that bind between them. In addition, the recent emergence of China makes us review some points about the type of relationship between China and Iran that are linked by a 25-year Treaty of Strategic Cooperation, which the Iranian government announced in June 2020.

Moreover, China supports the nuclear agreement that was concluded in 2015 during the tenure of the then US President Barack Obama, and China objected to the US withdrawal from the agreement and the sanctions imposed on Iran because of its nuclear program in May 2018, in addition to the above Chinese-Iranian cooperation pact covering several political, economic and defense fields. It includes crude oil, energy and armaments.

The aforementioned treaty between China and Iran is one of the many circles within the plan to pave the way for China’s transition from the stage of trade to the stage of sovereignty and the possibility of its rise as a competing power with the United States of America. Here, we can see the Chinese biased role toward the Iranian policy and their common interests. Iran suffers from economic sanctions and low oil prices, and it also needs to strengthen its cohesion mechanisms in the face of any possible US escalation. China has a special place in Iranian foreign policy as it is not an enemy and has never been an enemy and does not represent any military threat to Iran.

So, we are now in front of this Iranian threat over the coming four years, unless there’s an event that deters this dangerous meddling, and hence the question that arises here strongly is: Who serves this terrorism and Iranian meddling in the region? Syria is devastated, while Hezbollah is dominating Lebanon, which is collapsing economically, politically and socially, and Iraq is under the arms and militias of Iranian terrorism. The Houthis and Al-Qaeda are meddling in a disintegrated and ravaged country of Yemen…

So what’s next? Who will counter the snake?


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