Portrait of a creative soul – an ever-green dreamer


Some people come to this world with the divine assignment of giving people the required inspiration through their works. They do play the role of an inspirer – a mentor and even someone who fills lives with eternal happiness of indulging into creativity. Mujtoba Ahmed Murshed is one such souls, who has been a tremendous source of inspiration to many – including me. His writings – be it poem or short-story or novel – are all of extra-ordinary height and standard, with ingredients of mesmerism. In Bangladesh literary world, he is already seen by many as another Mark Twain – while others feel the fragrance of Sukanto [Sukanto Vottacharjo] in his pen. Mujtoba is truly a creative soul – an ever-green dreamer.

In professional life (literary works are yet to be his main profession), Mujtoba Ahmed Murshed has worked as the Political Advisor to the Japanese and German embassies in Dhaka as well as BIMSTEK. But those days filled with tremendous workload could not stop him from roaming into the colored world of his passion – literature and poetry. Sometimes he has written lyrics – mostly on modern and contemporary themes. He also has been associated with an English daily newspaper as their Advisory Editor for some time.

Mujtoba Ahmed Murshed
Mujtoba Ahmed Murshed with his wife and sons

Several TV dramas and serials were made based on the short stories of Mujtoba Ahmed Murshed, and had attained popularity and appreciation from the viewers and critics. By now, several novels by him have been published by a number of leading publication houses in Bangladesh, while his name is also known within the book-lovers in West Bengal in India – more precisely – Kolkata and Santiniketan. Wish Tagore [Rabindra Nath Tagore] were alive, he would definitely find a best disciple in Murshed.

People like Mujtoba Ahmed Murshed are born once in many decades to enrich the culture, literature and heritage of a nation. Their works remain evergreen to millions of readers for centuries. In Murshed’s case, the same thing will happen for sure.

February 14 is the birthday of this great individual. I always hate giving a number of anyone’s birth anniversary as I believe – earthly bodies may get older – but souls remain forever youthful. In Murshed’s case, the number ‘60’ of his birthday would only play role in making his dreams, aspirations and creations more colorful – livelier. Happy birthday my dearest friend – Mujtoba Ahmed Murshed!


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