Qatari Al Jazeera’s media terror against Bangladesh


Qatari terror broadcast network Al Jazeera and its mercenaries and lapdogs began an orchestrated and notorious media terror on Bangladesh on February 1, 2021. Qatar is a major state sponsor of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. It has been accused by US government officials of being utilized by Al Qaeda and the Taliban for fundraising purposes. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of September 11, operated out of Qatar. He fled after being warned by a member of the Qatari royal family that the Americans were onto him.

“The Qataris have a history of terrorist sympathies,” the NSC’s former chief counter-terrorism adviser wrote. “It has been true that Qatar has served as a sanctuary for leaders of groups that the US or other countries deem to be terrorist organizations”.

For years, Qatari regime has been using Al Jazeera for accomplishing its evil agenda of demonizing various countries, while this terror broadcast network has been dedicatedly serving the purpose of Iranian regime as well as Palestinian mega-terrorist outfit Hamas. Qatar has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars in maintaining the monstrous activities of Al Jazeera.

A naked assault on the sovereignty of Bangladesh

Key reason behind Al Jazeera and its Doha boss’s anger on Bangladesh is because of a telecommunication interceptor, which Al Jazeera falsely claimed to have been purchased from Israeli tech company PicSix. Bangladesh did not purchase any interceptor from Israel. Instead it was purchased from Hungary. But even if Bangladesh had purchased the interceptor from Israel, it has right in doing so being a sovereign nation. Moreover, interceptors are not any contraband item. Bangladesh has trade cooperation with Taiwan, a country with which it has no diplomatic relations. China has never raised any objection to it. Similarly, if Bangladesh starts trade relations with the Jewish State, why countries like Iran and Qatar as well mega-terrorist outfits like Hamas and their propaganda machinery should continue to bark? For years, Bangladesh has been showing solidarity out of sympathy towards the Palestinians. But it seems, Bangladesh’s sympathy is taken as a tool of blackmailing by the Palestinians and their terrorist outfits.

Illegal activities of Iranians and Palestinians in Bangladesh

Former chief of the so-called Palestinian embassy in Dhaka, Shahta Zarab earned bad name for his direct involvement into series of illegal and even criminal activities. He had joined hands with Dawood Ibrahim’s D-Company through Dawood’s Dhaka counterpart and was involved into money laundering, drug trafficking and other types of illegal activities. Similarly, Iranian Cultural Center in Dhaka has been funding Islamist groups, including Shiite community in Bangladesh in continuing activities mainly against Saudi Arabia and Israel. Street protests against Israel and the US in Bangladesh are regularly funded and patronized by the Iranian Cultural Center, which is a direct violation of Vienna Convention.

Bangladesh needs to immediately initiate investigation into the illegal activities of the Iranian Cultural Center as well as so-called mission of the Palestinians in Dhaka.

Al Jazeera’s nefarious attempt

Through its so-called investigative video and subsequent publication of articles and reports against Bangladesh, Qatari terror broadcast network Al Jazeera has been directly challenging the sovereignty of Bangladesh. It has also been making foul attempts of tarnishing the image of Bangladesh Army, which is considered by the Bangladeshis as a symbol of pride and sovereignty. Bangladesh’s foreign policy upholds the decent spirit of – friendship with all and malice to none. Being a sovereign nation, Bangladesh has never interfered into sovereignty of any country. Why in the world, those Qataris, Iranians and Hamas terrorists should meddle into internal affairs of Bangladesh?

Saudi Arabia and the world of media supremacy

Saudi Arabia’s leadership role in the Muslim world is shaped by several foreign policy principles: A commitment to all Muslims globally, non-interventionism, support for Muslim deradicalization efforts, and confronting extremism. For these reasons, the kingdom is considered as a natural leader of the Muslim world. For the policymakers in Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to realize – in today’s world, every war front is fought in two fronts or ways – militarily and through the media. Cyber war and media war are being considered as extremely vital by most of the developed nations. Saudi Arabia though has substantial military strength in fighting evils such as Iran and its cronies in the Middle East, it has not yet succeeded in building a strong media power base – either in the Middle East or in the Muslim world. While Qatari terror broadcast network Al Jazeera is playing foul role both in the Middle East and the world, there is no real powerful Saudi media, which can effectively counter Al Jazeera’s monstrous activities.

Why Al Jazeera is mad at Bangladesh

Under the changed global reality, when most of the Arab nations are normalizing relations with Israel and when there is a bright prospect of many more Muslim nations following the same footstep, Iran and terror outfit Hamas have gone totally mad, seeing their evil dominance coming to an end. There is common perception in the Muslim world – if Saudi Arabia normalizes relations with the Jewish State and established diplomatic relations, countries like Bangladesh may also abandon its decade-old history of maintaining distance with Israel. For Israel, relations with Bangladesh would be of immense success as the later is the fourth-largest Muslim country in the world. Iran, Qatar and Hamas are feared seeing expansion in Israel’s list of friends in the Middle East, Arab nations as well as Muslim nations. A possible Dhaka-Jerusalem relation would not only be mutually beneficial for both the countries, it would open a grand prospect of cooperation in numerous fields – starting from education to medicines – healthcare to exports – and of course, a meaningful counterterrorism cooperation between the nations. Qatar, which has always been a top funder of mega-terror outfit Hamas and a discreet ally of the Iranian regime is clearly unhappy over growing relations between Israel and the Muslim nations. On the other hand, Doha and Tehran are seeing themselves being gradually cornered with Riyadh’s increasing influence in the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia’s relations with Israel will significantly increase Riyadh’s capacity in combating terrorism, while it would also beneficial in multiple sectors. Doha and Tehran, especially Tehran are committed in anyhow sabotaging this prospect.

But, even if we take the above scenario into consideration, it is rather difficult to digest the idea that Qatari media is mad at Bangladesh only for it. There are some other factors. Possibly Jamaat-e-Islami is behind this propaganda. It won’t be ridiculous to believe, war criminal Mir Qashem Ali’s family is behind this conspiracy, along with some petty players.

A section of Bangladesh media is seeing British national David Bergman and Tasneem Khalil, a Bangladeshi journalist in Sweden amongst the masterminds of Al Jazeera’s anti-Bangladesh venture. It is a fact that for many years, Bergman and Khalil have been making repeated attempts of demonizing the ruling party in Bangladesh as well as various institutions, including Bangladesh Army. They played active role behind Al Jazeera’s previous anti-Bangladesh reports.

A so-called documentary with doctored contents

Although Al Jazeera has been showing its video claiming it as “investigative report”, commenting on the contents, including photographs and documents in it, several experts have termed those as manufactured. They believe, documents and still photographs shown in the video report were manufactured either by the team of Al Jazeera or any third party, with the ulterior motive of misleading the viewers.

Most importantly, Al Jazeera has been spending money in promoting its posts related to the so-called investigative report or those articles written by its members, including David Bergman on social media platforms, such as Twitter. Generally, Al Jazeera does not spend money in promoting its posts on social media. But in this particular case, the Qatari media is desperately promoting it. Meaning, they definitely have the notorious agenda of destabilizing Bangladesh. They are giving provocations of riots and civil unrest in the country, with the ulterior motive of unseating the current elected government and replacing it with Islamist parties such as Jamaat-e-Islami. And unfortunately, Al Jazeera and their anti-Bangladesh cronies have their mercenaries and cohorts inside Bangladesh.



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