Islamic State opens new front in Afghanistan


Members of Islamic State, which also is known as Daesh are moving to Afghanistan and opening a new jihadist front, according to Khaama Press News Agency report.

Faryab, Naqibullah Fayaq, the provincial governor said Juma Bay, an Uzbek national-led Daesh group is also operating in the region, adding that the group has been living with their families, most of the Daesh leaders are stationed in Faryab province.

Earlier on Friday, Vladimir Norov, Secretary-General of Shanghai cooperation group in a webinar organized by Islamabad Policy Research Institute said, That the Daesh-ISIS has moved from the middle east to Afghanistan, which poses a serious threat to the region.

“According to the SCO regional anti-terrorist structure, the numbers of fighters arriving in the north of the country [Afghanistan] are growing”, he added, the pose a threat to the SCO member states.

Norov stressed that the group uses information and communication technologies to promote their ideology in the region, recruit and manage the group’s sleeper cells.

Jumakhon Giyosov, the SCO Director of the Executive Committee of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure, also said “There is an increase in the number of militants arriving in northern Afghanistan, whose leaders are actively interacting with the leaders of the other terrorist organizations,”.

Faryab Governor, also added that the Taliban are now equipped with Iranian-made armor-piercing sniper (Haidar).

This comes as Captain Mohammad Hanif, Chief of Crime Branch for Zaranj district was shot and killed by his subordinate during a security patrol.

Source on anonymity told Pajhwok News, that the incident happened in Nimroz province on Friday, as police patrolled the city.

The perpetrator fled the area but was later captured by the security forces in the region.

According to the report, the incident occurred on Friday evening, and an investigation is ongoing to determine the motive behind the attack.

Pakistani ISI helping Daesh in establishment foothold in Afghanistan

Counterterrorism experts believe, Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) might be helping Islamic State members in moving to Afghanistan and opening a new front. Commenting on the latest news about ISIS members moving to Afghanistan, internationally acclaimed anti-jihadist journalist and counterterrorism expert Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury said: “Pakistan has always been playing the militancy card in putting pressure on Middle Eastern nations, particularly Saudi Arabia. During and after the Afghan war, Pakistani spy agency ISI had cashed millions of dollars through its tactics of deception and extortion from the US and Saudi Arabia. As we know, Pakistan’s relations with a number of Middle Eastern nations have deteriorated in the recent months, ISI top brasses might be now resorting to their old tricks on creating newer threats posed by Islamic State and extort millions from the Middle Eastern nations, particularly Saudi Arabia”.

Mr. Choudhury further said: “Islamic State has been getting support and patronization from Iran, a country which has excellent relations with Pakistan. Iran is giving shelter and patronization to ISIS and Al Qaeda as these groups are against Saudi Arabia, other Middle Eastern nations and Israel. But we know, in the past, Pakistani spy agency had provided training to the Al Qaeda members and it is possible that it is now extending similar services to Islamic State. If we carefully review Islamic State’s agenda, we shall understand, it has been targeting Saudi Arabia and few other Arab nations along side the US and the western countries. The information about ISIS moving to Afghanistan is a matter of grave security concern for Saudi Arabia in particular, while it may also export terrorism within the former Soviet Republics via Afghanistan and into China through Pakistan”.


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