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Netflix has constantly been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with TV series since it launched its first show, ‘House of Cards‘. Since then, a lot has changed around the world, but what has remained is their ability to create and stream shows that have become the face of television today. They have done so not just by streaming shows that have been critically acclaimed, but by pushing what can or cannot be shown. They also have been quite free-spirited when it comes to sexual content, which, while never transgressing into porn, has been raunchy and exciting. Here’s the list of sexiest tv series on Netflix that you can watch right now.

Grey’s Anatomy

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ does not need any introduction. This show about the personal and professional lives of the doctors of the Seattle Grace Hospital is pretty well known around the world. Besides balancing light comedy and romance with intense, dramatic situations, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ features a large, amazing cast that delivers unforgettable performances. Its characters are interesting and complex. It is well worth your time if you are searching for a sexy show.

How To Get Away With Murder

This show stars the iconic Viola Davis. Here, she plays the character of Annalise Keating, an established criminal lawyer who also teaches law at a university. She has taken five promising students under her wing who work as interns at her law firm. These five students and Keating become the subjects of the show. Keating has many dirty tricks up her sleeve which come in handy when she helps her clients get away with crimes as serious as murder. Sometimes she turns the case around on the victim himself/herself. The show has its fair share of sexual actions where the professor and the students participate generously. The sex scenes are so packed with moves that Davis seriously injured her back while performing one of them with Billy Brown.

House of Cards

‘House of Cards’ is one of the finest political thrillers in the history of television. The show is a remake of the 1990 British version, but Netflix modified it in some ways to make it more American. Francis (Frank) Underwood is as ruthless a politician as one gets. And when President-elect Walker refuses to give him the position of Secretary of State, Underwood goes on a mission to bring Walker and his close associates down to their knees. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright have done some stunning work in this show. Sex scenes are also aplenty in this series. The relationship between Underwood and reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) gets as steamy as the days go. The show also depicts homosexual relationships, threesomes, and many more.


‘Shameless’ is adapted from a British series with the same name. The Gallaghers are a poor Irish American family with six children, an absent mother, and an alcoholic father. Fiona Gallagher, the eldest, takes care of her many brothers and sister as best as she can. Every episode has a crazy, dramatic situation that one or more of the Gallagher six get into. Its rawness is impeccable. And the performances of the whole cast are extraordinary. Besides that, the script has a perfect balance between comedy and drama. With eight seasons, the characters (and also the actors) grow and face enormous challenges. There are some passionate intimate scenes in the movie involving Fiona’s character. The show has been praised for its acting, dark comedy, and depiction of blue-collar families. Most critics have rated the series quite highly and called it a must-watch.

Luke Cage

‘Luke Cage’ was the third Marvel series to have been streamed on Netflix after ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Jessica Jones’. It tells the story of a superhero in the Harlem area in New York. Cage is a man who is impervious to physical pain. He has bulletproof skin and the strength of a monster truck. The series is sort of a homage to the 1970s blaxploitation films. Mike Colter plays the role of Cage, a man with superhuman abilities, who tries to build a new life in New York and attempts to bring down the level of crime and corruption in the city. Cage is as good in bed as he is with fighting numerous people at once. And there are some real steamy scenes in the show which will keep you hooked on for more.


‘Elite’ is a Spanish show that has become hugely popular after being on Netflix. The series is centered around three friends who go to Spain’s most elite private school after getting a scholarship. The show is funny and deals with high school students who live and study together. Naturally, there is a lot of steamy moments, both hetero and homosexual, with all the students of their class. There is also a murder mystery that runs parallel to the main storyline. The show has got mixed reactions but some critics have pointed out the fact that it does deliver what it sets out to, and that is definitely a great thing. So all the viewers who love watching teenage dramas, this surely is a go-to show. Netflix has received around 20 million views in the very first month ‘Elite’ debuted on the platform.


Starring the inimitable Naomi Watts, ‘Gypsy’ is a psychological thriller created by Lisa Rubin. ‘Gypsy’ is a female-driven story that follows Jean Holloway, a psychologist, who invades into the lives of her patient in an unassuming way. Jean’s desire to be with Sidney – a woman she gets to know through her patient-remains unfulfilled. Standing at the receiving end, Jean is unable to weigh upon the repercussions that her dissatisfaction has on her marriage with her husband, Michael. The visual depiction of the desires is portrayed in an uninhibited tone, depicting some tantalizing lovemaking scenes. In the end, ‘Gypsy’ leaves the viewers with a lot of probing questions that aren’t answered properly. Nevertheless, it is a show that takes us through the process of the sexual liberation of Jean-an exploration made possible via her desire to achieve more than what’s given.

Sex Education

Sex Education is a rather bold Netflix original series that centers around a teenager whose mother is a sex therapist. The teenager in question, Otis, has grown up in an environment where sex was something that was always rather openly discussed. There are books, pamphlets, and other such reading material around him all the time which have made Otis quite an expert on said topic. Once Otis’ classmates come to know of his domestic life and his expertise on the subject, Otis decides that he could himself start taking therapy sessions and recruits his classmate Maeve to accompany him in the business. But as he deals with the problems of his friends, Otis realizes that he himself has a lot of unchecked sexual issues. ‘Sex Education’ is built on a rather interesting premise, as never before has any TV series openly discussed such details about sex. Moreover, the series does promote having a correct mental state of mind about sex, which is a positive message that should be taken seriously by all.


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