Al Qaeda and Iran behind Israel embassy blast in India


Investigators in India have claimed to have found Al Qaeda and Iranian hands behind the high-grade explosive blast outside the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. According to intelligence sources, the handling of the chemicals is not easy and the blast has to be the handiwork of a group that is experienced in using the explosives. They said, local chapter of Al Qaeda and other jihadist outfits might have aligned with Iranian regime with a common goal of launching attacks and offensives on Israeli embassy, diplomats and Israeli nationals and establishments.

According to counterterrorism experts, evidence of pentaerythritol tetranitrate, or PETN, a high-grade explosive chemical mostly used by the al Qaeda group has been found during the investigation of the low intensity blast that took place outside the Israel embassy in New Delhi, India. Sources said, investigating agencies and the police feel local agents of the group could have carried out the attack.

The special cell and the other intelligence units are now investigating how they entered and planted the bomb at the highly-secured area of the national capital, which already has given birth to serious security concerns, especially about the safety of the Israeli diplomats and nationals in India.

Although police and intelligence agencies in India are trying to discover hands of Pakistani spy agency ISI behind the Delhi blast, most of the experts believe, it was clearly an act of Al Qaeda-Iran nexus. Because, an envelop with a letter addressed to the Israeli ambassador to India was found, which refers the bomb blast as retaliation of Iran’s notorious military commander Qasem Soleimani and nuclear scientist Dr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, both killed last year.

The letter was found 12 yards away from the place of occurrence and the forensic team is examining the fingers prints and the contents. The New Indian Express, quoting Sources said, India-Israel diplomatic relations completed 29 years on the day the terrorist bomb blast took place and Soleimani was killed in January last year. Fakrizadeh died in November and the blast could be to avenge the killings. The sources said the police are looking for Iranians in the city and there was a possibility of some being picked up for questioning.

But, according to another credible source, Indian authorities are trying to divert the blame on Pakistani spy agency ISI instead of exposing Iran’s hands behind this incident.

CCTV footage in the area has revealed a cab suspiciously moving near the area and dropping off two persons near the embassy. One of the passengers dropped from the cab appeared to have been Iranian national, while other was most possibly a Indian-born member of Al Qaeda.

The special cell has contacted the cab driver and inquired about the two suspects. The police are investigating guest houses, airports, hotels and lodges. Security agencies are also scanning the cell phones that were active in the vicinity before, during and after the incident. About 1.8-2 million calls were made during and before the blast. Investigators are also analyzing all the mails and calls made to foreign countries on and before the blast.


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