Jordanian news-site thinks, Biden is empowering ISIS


Jordanian news site Al Bawaba published a report titled: ‘Is ISIS Being Empowered by The Biden Administration? Deadly Terrorist Attacks Follow The US Inauguration’, where it said, “Only hours after the US welcomed a new president into the White House, the Iraqi capital was rocked with two deadly suicide bombings that resulted in at least 32 deaths and hundreds of injuries. The attack which was attributed to ISIS sparked discussion over the new administration policy towards Iraq and whether or not the terrorist group has timed its attack to coincide with the start of the Biden administration”.

News of the escalating attacks by ISIS against Iraqi civilians and government-affiliated militant groups prompted much speculation and conspiracy theories regarding the timing and what they constitute, paving the way for the return of ISIS on the geographical scene.

Social media users widely shared news of the Baghdad attacks since Thursday, labeling it as one of the worst in the city over the last few years, wondering whether or not it carries any political messages to the new US administration.

Some online commentators argued such attacks might have been intentionally allowed to take place it justify the return of US troops to Iraq that were withdrawn by the former Trump administration less than a year ago. Some tweets also went on to accuse the Biden administration of “funding groups like ISIS” to overthrow the Russian-backed Assad regime in Syria.

On Saturday night, ISIS also attacked al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces, killing 11 militants and injuring 8 others in the Saladin Governorate.

Iran, new launchpad of ISIS

While Iran already is known as the safe haven of Al Qaeda, there also are reports claiming Iranian regime’s direct connection with Islamic State (ISIS) and Tehran’s patronization of this notorious radical Islamic terrorist group.

Back in July 2020, news of a deadly shooting targeting well-known Iraqi historian and political commentator Hisham Al-Hashimi and ending in his assassination in a Baghdad street broke out. Friends of the late researcher and analyst accused Iran of killing him, despite an announcement by the terrorist group ISIS claiming the assault, while most of the counterterrorism experts with knowledge about Iran’s notoriety and past record of patronizing terrorism said, Islamic State has been sheltered by the Iranian regime and also provided logistics to launch attacks on various targets as per instructions from the key-policymakers of the country.

Internationally acclaimed anti-militancy journalist and counterterrorism specialist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury said: “Iranian regime has been continuously trying to expand its influence in the Middle East. As part of such notorious agenda, Tehran has been harboring Al Qaeda as well as ISIS and using these terrorist groups in targeting various individuals and establishments in the Middle East and the world. Iranian regime’s collaboration with Al Qaeda and ISIS would substantially increase the security threats to those Arab nations as well as countries like US and Israel”.


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