Illegal casino slot machines seized in Pattaya


In Thailand’s Pattaya-area forensics investigators are using fingerprints and DNA traces to track down the owners of 161 slot machines found in a Nongprue commercial building being prepped for use as an illegal casino.

The machines were found in two rooms on two floors of a three-story shophouse on Pattanakarn Road Jan. 21 following a tip to the “report illegal gambling” police account on the Line messaging service.

The machines are believed to have been smuggled into Thailand and appeared to have been used recently. Most of the machines are in working condition and were set up, ready to be played once powered up.

Chonburi and Nongprue police said the building also had rooms where change would be made, machines maintained, and staff could live.

Forensic investigators dusted the machines for latent prints and took hair and DNA samples from mattresses, clothing, a scooter and appliances.

Police said it was obvious the site was being readied for use as an illegal casino and investigators hope the evidence will lead to the organizers.

Danish national arrested for drug dealing

Regional police arrested a Danish man who allegedly has been selling drugs in Pattaya for over a decade and buying property in the city with the proceeds.

Oersted Meyer Jensen, who went by the alias John Finn, was captured in a January 22 sting operation at a Starbucks coffee shop at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya by Provincial Police Region 2 and officers from Nong Mak Fai in Sa Kaeo.


Officers found 12 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 90 g. of liquefied ketamine, five methamphetamine tablets and eight Kamagra erectile-dysfunction tablets on the 51-year-old Dane.

It is learned from credible sources that Myanmar-based manufacturers of drugs [including Yaba] are have connections with underground drug syndicate in Thailand. Female carriers from Myanmar are used for carrying Yaba pills almost every night, while some of these carriers also involve in prostitution and selling drugs to their clients.


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