Qasem Soleimani, a serial killer, butcher and demon of Iran


Death of Qasem Soleimani was truly a matter of relief for the world as he was a bloodthirsty serial killer, a cruel butcher and real demon of the Iranian rogue regime. But notorious mullahs in Iran are clamoring to take revenge for the killing of this bloodthirsty monster. Soleimani was killed in a US missile near Baghdad airport last year.

Key mission of Qasem Soleimani was to invade some Arab capitals with the nefarious goal of expanding influence of the Iranian terrorist regime. Iranian mullahs opened the state exchequer for Soleimani to squander hundreds of millions of dollars for buying off leaders of political Islam and outfits of violence and extremism as well as to lease mercenaries throughout Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, in addition to funding the destruction and killing that Yemen is witnessing at present. Soleimani was also helping terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic State and Al Qaeda, with his evil agenda of terrorizing western and non-Muslim nations and also Muslim countries with Sunni majority population.

In the recent days, mullahs in Iran seem to be extendedly vigored seeing Americans being greatly divided while Democratic Party and its socialist and Islamist cronies are actively conspiring to permanently silence their political rivals. Some of the civil-military personnel in the US are even comparing Americans with Al Qaeda terrorists.

With Joe Biden’s inauguration just hours away, Iranian regime has intensified its hyperventilating with the claim of avenging the killing of Soleimani and target the killers even if they are inside the United States. Most definitely, Iranian regime is considering the institutions in the US currently shaken with the nation being divided seriously. Tehran might be thinking – security in their rival country – the US has been substantially compromised, which would grant opportunity to them in targeting Donald Trump and members of his administration as well as intelligence agency members, including the head of CIA.

As to the case of Soleimani, if we take a look at his disgraceful record, especially the massacres and slaughter, he perpetrated over the years as the commander of the foreign operations of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, it is too obvious that he was indeed an exceptional criminal. But in the eyes of terror-patron Iran, Soleimani is a hero, as the Iranian mullahs see ‘heroes’ in all of those notorious criminals, who are responsible for terrorist activities around the world.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Al-Alam channel, mega-terror outfit Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar admitted that Soleimani paid him US$ 22 million at Tehran airport while he was returning to Gaza – for continuing terrorist activities against Israel. Speaking to Iranian regime’s television on January 2, Basij leader Mohammad Reza Naqdi admitted that the mullah regime had spent over US$ 17 billion on expanding its influence in Syria. Iran was considered as one of the foreign parties that made an invasion of Syria before the outbreak of the civil war.

As to Soleimani, this notorious criminal was handling funding of terrorist activities around the world, while he was the ringleader in terrorist group’s money-making ventures through trafficking and dealing in drug as well as money laundering.

Iranian mullahs are taking preparations of boosting its terrorist activities around the world. They possibly are also thinking of increasing terror-funding. And for them, the best news is – Joe Biden administration most definitely will re-enter into nuclear deal, and also lift economic sanctions on Iran. Possibly mullahs in Iran will also succeed in extorting billions of dollars as compensation from the Biden administration as well. For any peace-loving individual or nation, Iranian mullah’s fresher attempt of increasing its terrorist activities and Biden administration’s possible softer attitude towards Iran stands as matter of gravest concern.


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