God, thank you for giving us Donald J. Trump


Michael Master  

The definition of disruption is “to interrupt the normal course.” A person or technology or product that interrupts the normal course of events or activities is a disrupter. Elon Musk with Tesla. IBM with computer chips, disc drives and operating systems. Henry Ford with assembly lines and Eli Whitney with interchangeable parts. They all disrupted the normal course of events and activities.

Presidents who were disrupters include Dwight Eisenhower with the interstate highway system, Lyndon Johnson with affirmative action, Richard Nixon by changing the dollar to fiat without any gold support for it.

The great disrupter of the 1900s was the Bretton Woods agreement in the late 1940s, which allowed enemies of the United States to have unfettered access to the U.S. market without duties in hopes that their dependence on that access would insure world peace. The philosophies of Bretton Woods became the basis for U.S. foreign policy for the next 70 years … until Donald J. Trump. Trump believed that bad guys exploited American generosity for their personal gain, which hurt average Americans in the process.

Who were those bad guys? American millionaire oligarchs (billionaires today), plus China, Germany, Russia, India, Mexico and U.S. government employees, for starters. American oligarchs moved their operations out of the United States and then shipped products back to the U.S. market while being protected by the policies of Bretton Woods through the World Trade Organization, NAFTA and a variety of other bad deals for Americans. American oligarchs sold weapons to our potential enemies. Foreign enemies made products with cheap labor and also shipped those products into the U.S. for sale. And federal government employees encouraged it through complicit regulations.

Bretton Woods hurt jobs and wages for America workers. It sabotaged U.S. independence and security. Industries folded. The “Arsenal of Democracy” was hobbled. The wage gap in the U.S. grew. Undereducated Americans, especially blacks and Hispanics, were hurt the worst. The global oligarchs all over the world got richer, and the poor got poorer. The industrial military complex expanded to become the government industrial complex as the sizes of local, state and federal agencies swelled. Government departments and labor unions were all ensnared in the web of foreign enemies and American globalist billionaire oligarchs.

Trump got it. So he stood up and echoed the words of Bill Clinton to “make America great again” and the words of John McCain to put “America first.” A key difference between Trump and Clinton/McCain was that Trump actually meant it.

In my opinion, the young Donald Trump was unlikeable. Snarky. Obnoxious. Womanizer. Studio 54. Scores strip club. Self-centered. A Democrat. “The Donald.” Not at all like my boyhood heroes of Clark Kent and Al Kaline.

But the liberal elite loved Trump. Oprah Winfrey. Barbara Walters. Howard Stern. Jessie Jackson. NBC (“The Apprentice”). The NAACP even gave him an award. They all fawned over him … some even asked him to run for president some day. Politicians paid homage to him. They had their pictures taken with him. They wanted donations and endorsements from him. Chuck Schumer, Bill Clinton. Mitt Romney. Andrew Cuomo. A huge list.

Then a switch went off in Trump like a bright light in a dark room. Trump morphed like a caterpillar into a butterfly, like a cub into a lion, like Saul into Paul. He became a populist Republican. He stood up for average Americans and meant it. The elite abandoned him. Establishment folks like Bill Kristol and Dick Cheney feared him. Evangelicals welcomed him home like the prodigal son.

My father and mother were part of Tom Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation.” They grew up during the Great Depression, fought and sacrificed during WWII and helped create the baby boom. They fed their three sons a daily dose of God and country. They took us to church each Sunday and taught us to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag each day. My mother died in 2009 at 85 of Alzheimer’s disease, and my father died in 2015 at 94 years old, just two months before Trump announced his run for the presidency. They were married for 68 years. Marriage was meant to be until death do us part – very different than the current generation of young people who vote for Democrats.

My parents would have loved Trump as president. They loved Bill Clinton but hated Presidents Reagan, Bush 41 and Obama. Why did they love Clinton? Because Bill understood average working Americans … and so does Trump.

My mom and dad would have loved Trump for taking on the evil in America as a disrupter. Evil people such as those in the deep state, mainstream media, communists masquerading as socialists, activist judges and filthy rich American oligarchs.

These are some of the Trump disruptions that interrupted the normal course of events:

tax reforms that killed tax loopholes and deductions, which then increased effective tax rates on the rich;

no deployments of U.S. soldiers to new foreign conflicts for the first time since Eisenhower;

tariffs on products from countries that exploit America;

oil/energy independence for the fist time since Eisenhower;

reduction in immigrants competing for jobs against American workers;

direct communication with Americans that bypassed the spin of the oligarch-owned media;

manufacturing growth that reduced dependence on foreign-made products while rebuilding “The Arsenal of Democracy.”

The list of Trump disruptions is long; they’ve been much more effective than for any prior president since Lincoln.

Trump communicated to average Americans. Trump rallies. Impromptu press conferences. Live TV interviews. Call-in phone interviews. Twitter. Americans compared the spin of the media to the actual words and actions of Trump … and Trump won.

The bad guys could not allow Trump to continue to threaten their control of the U.S., so they did everything possible to try to stop Trump. Obstruct. Resist. Impeach. Mueller investigation. Fake news. A virus from China. And finally, massive election fraud.

Great leaders made great disruptions, but also made some great mistakes. Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France as its first emperor. His big mistake was to fight too many enemies on too many fronts. So his own people sent him into exile. Winston Churchill lost his bid for reelection after saving England in WWII. His personality was too abrasive for many Brits, so they voted him out. Abraham Lincoln was president for only a little more than four years. Right or wrong, his policies divided the nation into a civil war that killed more Americans than any war in U.S. history (8% of the population). He underestimated the lengths that his enemies would go to stop him. He underestimated the bad things that bad guys will do, including assassination.

Trump suffers from similar flaws. The media spent the last four years only pointing out the Trump mistakes without acknowledging the Trump victories. But just like Napoleon and Churchill and Lincoln, history will record that Trump made a difference. Just like Napoleon and Churchill and Lincoln, Trump interrupted the normal course of events.

The interruptions by Trump have altered America permanently. The establishment class, oligarchs, media and socialists cannot spin what Americans experienced with Trump. The changes are real and permanent. Trump established a new set of expectations by Americans for their political leaders. Trump will be a folk hero to loyal Americans like William Wallace is to Scotland or John the Baptist is to Christians or Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie are to Texans.

“Drain the swamp.” “Build the wall.” “Lock her up.” They all mean much more to Trump supporters than the simple words. How Americans look at the deep state, American oligarchs, immigration, socialists, anti-Christians and crimes by the rich elite has changed. Drain the swamp. Build the wall. Lock her up. In God we trust.

Trump the disrupter unleashed 74 million American patriot disrupters ready to interrupt the normal course of events to make America great again for all Americans, to put the interests of America first. Alert, poised and skeptical of the establishment, they are ready to be disrupters also. For those 74 million, there is no going back.

God, thank you for giving us Donald J. Trump the Disrupter.

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