Biden grants citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants on first day


Back in July 2018, Democrats and establishment Republicans in the US House were pushing an asylum plan that would effectively allow the entire population of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador the right to migrate to the US. But now, Joe Biden is going to begin the process from the Day-1 in the office of processing granting citizenship to at least 11 million illegal immigrants, who already are in the United States.

Earlier it was reported by Reuters that Guatemalan immigration spokesperson Alejandra Mena said, approximately 6,500 Honduran migrants were messed at the southern border of the country, with an ultimately announced destination of the US. Similar wave of US-bound migrants are set to begin from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and few more South American nations as well as several Asian and African countries.

A video tweeted by Festivales Solidarios shows thousands of migrants pushing past Guatemalan law enforcement agency members and army.  

According to Ron Klain, who is going to be Joe Biden’s chief-of-staff, Biden will send an immigration bill to the Congress “on the first day in office”, while he also is going to issue executive order lifting travel ban imposed by Donald Trump on a number of Muslim countries.

A large number of the members of Biden’s administration are in favor of letting illegal migrant enter the United States without any obstacle, as they consider this step would increase the size of vote bank of the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden’s presidency is cheered in several nations in the world, who are already considering next four years of Biden administration as the best opportunity of migrating to the US. But this wave of illegal migrants will certainly compromise national security of the United States as hundreds of the members of terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Hamas etcetera would melt within the crowd of migrants and enter the US with the goal of terrorizing the country.


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