Terror-appeaser Scottish Justice Minister slams Trump


Scotland’s Justice Minister and self-describe Pakistani Scottish Muslim Humza Yousaf is calling on officials to deny President Donald Trump’s entry into the United Kingdom for the riots in Capitol Hill in Washington DC, blaming Trump directly for inciting a “violent mob”. On his Twitter account, Yousaf wrote: “Once he leaves office if Trump tries to come to UK the Home Secretary should give serious consideration to denying him entry, she has the power if an applicant’s presence is not conducive to the public good. Trump’s default is to stir up racial tension and yesterday he incited a violent mob”.

Scotland’s leader, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, joined the rest of the international community in condemning the acts of violence, calling the events “shocking” but not “surprising”, but did not agree with Humza Yousaf.

But, no one is talking about the dubious past of Scotland’s Justice Minister. He is a self-described Pakistani Scottish Muslim, a man so incompetent that when he was Transport Minister, he was charged with driving without a license. He is also responsible for the writing of a proposed hate crime bill that is being pushed through Scottish parliament, and which will see freedom of speech restricted in true sharia fashion. He’s doing this in spite of police, sheriffs, media, and politicians coming out to tell us that his bill will paralyze free speech.

Yousaf had publicly defended Omar Sadiq – a violent criminal and drug lord who was a blight on the city of Glasgow. He was part of an organized crime gang, and he served prison time for ramming one of his rivals off the road in his car while being in possession of firearms. It’s safe to say that Omar is not a very nice person. With the Pakistani Muslim community being as tight-knit as it is, it also comes as no surprise to learn that Omar is connected to Imran “Baldy” Shahid and his brother Zeeshan Shahid, as well as to Faisal Mushtaq, three Muslim males who were jailed for the murder of Kriss Donald, in what is described as Scotland’s most horrific racially motivated murder ever.

The media are trying to humanize Omar as being a “quiet young man” from a nice suburb in Glasgow. You could translate that into “Omar was a shadowy figure who kept a low profile in order not to attract police attention, and whose illicit gains afforded him a nice house in one of the best areas of Glasgow while his drug-addicted clients languished in extreme poverty, distress and decay.” This trend of sympathising with violent career criminals didn’t start with George Floyd. If you go back to 2017 and the shooting of another violent gangster and drug dealer, Yassar Yaqub, you will see that the entire Pakistani community in Huddersfield came out to mourn him and demand answers as to why he was killed. They protested against the police and slandered them, albeit not to the same degree that we’re seeing in Portland and other US cities today. And as with George Floyd and Omar, the media portrayed Yassar as being a “lovely guy” who leaves behind two children. Sympathy for the children of a dead drug dealer, but no sympathy for the children of others who have been killed by the drugs Yassar supplied them with. No mention or care for the lives he helped destroy.

When news of violent, drug-dealing Omar’s death made the news, Humza Yousaf leapt all over it. He immediately tweeted out, “Dreadfully sad news. My thoughts are with the young man’s family, friends and local community.”

He deleted the tweet hours later, but why did he tweet it in the first place?

Is he a friend of the man or his family? He’s not usually so quick to tweet out his sympathy when any other gangsters meet their makers. Why does a Justice Minister think a community will be mourning the loss of a violent drug dealer, and why would he find it all so dreadfully sad?

Humza Yousaf is a notorious race-baiter, and he stands in Holyrood bleating on about the lack of BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) representation in Scottish parliament. He has sought legal advice on how he can get more BAME people into governmental roles. By this I would assume that he is looking at ways whereby “positive discrimination” apprenticeships or hiring methods will allow Pakistani Muslims to leapfrog over other candidates who have better credentials. He stood in Holyrood and gave a passionate speech about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, in spite of the fact that George is not Scottish and his murder didn’t happen on UK soil. He then went on his usual sympathy tour, telling the media that he had since been subjected to 6,000 racist tweets for standing up for Floyd. I’m more worried about the fact he has that much time on his hands to be able to count 6,000 tweets than I am about any abuse he claims to have received. We’ve never seen the tweets, so we’ll have to take Humza at his word for it. Far be it from me to suggest that he’s trying to turn pity into political currency.


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