Don’t push America towards a civil war


Clearly there is madness in the political field of the US. Politicians – not only the Democrats, but also a segment of Republicans and those mainstream media, tech giants and seen and unseen elements – including enemies of the United States of America are actively indulged into the dangerous game of playing with the constitutions and free speech. Unitedly they are pushing America towards an inevitable civil war.

The impeachment attempts against Donald Trump is not something that would significantly damage his political career and future prospects, but it also will greatly undermine the Republican Party and its supporters as well as those millions of people who voted for their adored Trump.

Commenting on the current happenings in the US, Michael Master wrote in the WND News:

The cancel culture, Democrats and American oligarchs have gone to work against all those who agree with Trump about election fraud with more shunning, more canceling and even restricting more discussion about this in the mainstream media, social media and Congress. It’s no different than what was done by tyrants all through history.

All Republican senators need to think about this: Donald J. Trump received more votes in 2020 than any Republican in the history of the nation. He has the highest approval rating from Republican voters of any president since Eisenhower. Most Republican voters still believe that Biden got more electoral votes because of election fraud, and no court has allowed any thorough investigation to allay those beliefs.

Where was the condemnation of politicians last summer as liberals burned down and occupied American cities? Where was there condemnation of politicians who called for Americans to resist, obstruct, investigate and impeach Trump, beginning the day he was elected?

Senators, you took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution. Read the First Amendment. Free speech and peaceful assembly are American rights! If you cannot find exact words by which Donald J. Trump asked the protesters to riot, to overthrow the government, then you are in violation of your oath of office if you vote to remove him.

If you vote to remove Trump from office, then what does that do to the Republican Party? What does that say to Republican voters about being represented by Republican politicians? What does that do to the future of our republic and the United States Constitution? We are watching you closely. Vote no.

Here my question is – shall good sense prevail? Shall the Republican leadership finally start realizing – by supporting the impeachment process and constitutional amendment as demanded by the democrats – those Republicans are killing their own political future as well as their own party? Can they realize, it is not just a single individual that they are active demonizing – they in fact are continuing an unseen war against millions of people, who voted in favor of Donald Trump?

What we have seen and seeing in the United States can never be seen any most of the decent nations in the world, including the European nations, India, and Asian countries. They way big techs have behaved with Donald Trump can only be expected when a dictator is ousted from power through coup. In this case, can people question – was November 2020 election a planned coup against Donald Trump?

If there is rule of law in the US, there should be millions of lawsuits filed against those who are playing nasty game against America’s constitution and democracy. No one should feel delighted witnessing the ongoing madness in the US, as it actually may lead to a civil war – sooner or later.


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