Bangkok nearby markets and venues set to open


Bangkok: A market in Nonthaburi previously closed due to its connection with confirmed COVID-19 cases, is set to reopen on Wednesday, with all vendors submitting their COVID-19 test results as a precautionary measure. At the same time, a condominium where 29 cases have been reported is now ready to reopen as well.

Merchants at Bang Yai market in Nonthaburi have started to submit their COVID-19 test results to officials at the vendors’ registration office, prior to the scheduled reopening on Wednesday.

Many merchants say they are happy that the market will reopen soon, as they have been deprived of their income during the time the market was closed. They say they have strictly complied with the containment measures.

Bang Yai market is now sealed off to any visitors, with fences erected and officers on site to prevent vehicles and people from entering, as the area has been declared a high control area, as this venue has been linked to some COVID-19 cases.

Not far from Bang Yai market, Si Chomphu condominium was forced to close on 30th December, following the discovery of 29 COVID-19 cases among its residents.

Officials have set up a screening station to screen and test the 800 residents of this condominium. The condominium is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday as no new cases have been identified recently. Health officials earlier met with the residents to inform them of self-protection measures against COVID-19.

A Big Cleaning deep clean event will be held on Wednesday at Bang Yai market and in the surrounding area, ahead of the scheduled reopening of the market on 13th January.

Since the fresh COVID-19 outbreak and the reintroduction of some restrictions, markets in Bangkok have seen fewer customers recently. The once busy Sri Yan market only had a few customers Tuesday morning, while some vendors have closed their businesses as a result of the current situation. One merchant said the market has been quiet since the first outbreak, resulting in her making only half her usual income.

Lottery sellers here are among those affected by the crisis. They say they have no choice but to come out and meet people for work, however they are doing their best to prevent themselves from getting infected.

The market has strictly implemented COVID-19 transmission prevention measures as recommended by the Ministry of Public Health. Hand washing stations and sanitizer dispensers can be found across the market, while both the merchants and customers are required to wear a mask at all times.



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