Britain needs 3 years to get out of COVID crisis


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government seems to be in greatest jeopardy in either tackling the COVID-19 challenges or are using this as a shield to hide the possible crisis Britain is going to face after its walking out of Brexit.

According to media reports, Britain has vaccinated 944,539 people (1.4 percent of the population) since December 13, at a daily average rate of 67,467. Even at its peak daily rate of 87,174, it will take well over three years to vaccinate 80 percent of the population.

Meaning – Britons will continue to suffer due to prolonged lockdown and other restrictions their government will most definitely continue until the entire nation has been vaccinated. They will be forced to remain at homes at least until 2024.

While pace of vaccination in Britain is terribly slow, Israel has so far had the fastest rollout in relative terms, having vaccinated 1,482,307 people (16 percent of the population) since December 26, an average of 87,195 people per day. At its peak daily rate of 150,000, Israel will have vaccinated 80 percent of its population in just 39 days, and the entire population in 51 days.

There is bad news for the Americans too. According to media reports, has vaccinated 5,306,797 people (1.6 percent of the population) since December 23. With its peak daily rate of 358,887, it will take 4 years to vaccinate 80 percent of people. Yes, you read it correct! It will take four years for getting 80 percent of the Americans vaccinated – meaning, President-elect Joe Biden and his team will be busy in smoothly executing the vaccination task until 2024. Moreover, Biden may opt for imposing countrywide lockdown for at least 3-4 weeks, immediately after he assumes office – for the sake of containing the massive spread of the virus in amongst his countrymen.

In this case, Australians have better news as already set a deadline of 245 days for vaccinating 21 million people – meaning, every day, about 170,000 injections will be needed to deliver the necessary 42 million doses to 21 million Australians.

Back to Britain.

While the rest of the world is busy vaccinating its population and making efforts to take the situation back to normal, Britain is intentionally prolonging its lockdown to hide the failures of the Tory Party: possibility of Scotland leaving Great Britain, Britain losing its grip on Falkland Islands as Britain will no longer have EU’s support and the Chagos island chain’s reunion with Mauritius. These are not based on mere speculations about the future. On May 22, 2019, the United Nations General Assembly voted “in support of a motion setting a six-month deadline for Britain to withdraw from the Chagos island chain and for the islands to be reunited with neighboring Mauritius.” by a majority of 116 to 6, with 56 countries abstaining. The motion in itself was unprecedented. In the next 3 years, Boris Johnson will try to blame the pandemic for all humiliations Great Britain will have to face while the truth is: Boris administration is working at a very clumsy rate in handling both the pandemic and the departure of Britain from the EU.

While, it may be argued that Israel being a smaller nation can vaccinate its population faster, it also needs to be taken into consideration that Israel also has less resources than a country as big as the United Kingdom or the United States. United Kingdom has more health workers and potential volunteers who will be interested in vaccinating the population, and not to mention, a much greater GDP (hence health budget) than Israel.

It is quite possible that Boris Johnson’s tenure will be over before Britain vaccinates its entire population as Britain will go into another election. With Britain’s departure from EU, not to mention the prolonged lockdown and the subsequent economic crisis, Britain may be plunged into chaos. This will make Boris Johnson’s departure a disgraceful one – which will be reflected in the election results.

Even in the United States, Joe Biden’s entire term will be spent vaccinating the US population. While they may be enjoying the moment now since they have no real work to do except blaming Donald Trump, the brunt of the situation will soon be felt by the Biden administration when they will be the ones handling the pandemic situation in the US. Joe Biden too will follow Boris Johnson’s strategy by intentionally imposing a lockdown in the US and blame all their failures, eventually, on the lockdown and the pandemic. While the bitter truth is, even developing nations like Bangladesh are handling the pandemic situation better than the West’s leading developed nations: USA and the UK.


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