Thailand’s top tourist attraction turn deserted


There is acute financial depression in Thailand’s one of the top tourist attractions places – Chiang Mai. By now, most of the tourists are gone and there is no hope of any immediate return of them as the country is under prolonged lockdown.

According to our Thailand correspondent, although authorities have already declared Covid-19 situation in Chiang Mai under control and safe for tourists, there is no sign of tourists visiting Chiang Mai particularly because any foreigner visiting Thailand during the pandemic are required to mandatory 14-days self-quarantine.

Although Dr Kittipun of the provincial disease control committee said, visitor could feel secure in going to any destination in Chiang Mai and they can be rest assured this place was safe and it won’t be put into lockdown – tourists from the foreign countries are not showing the sign of any interest in visiting Thailand due to strict regulations of 14-days quarantine of every foreigner.

Meanwhile, despite assurance from the health officials about not imposing any lockdown in Chiang Mai, three tambons in Ai district were put in three-day lockdown during the last week of December under an order issued by the provincial disease control committee.

Governor of Chiang Mai, Charoenrit Sanguansat said the isolation was in response to a report that a Covid-19 patient in Ayutthaya had until recently worked in Mae Ai district.

According to media reports, a Thai national re-entering Thailand illegally from COVID-hit Myanmar has kicked off alarms in Chiang Mai, a northern province that was particularly popular with Chinese visitors before the pandemic.

On November 24, last year, the woman in her late twenties returned with two friends from working at the 1G1 hotel and casino – Tachilek in Myanmar.

The entertainment complex is 1.5 kilometers from an official border crossing to Mae Sai in Thailand. However, the trio used an irregular crossing point in order to avoid the mandatory 14-day COVID-19 quarantine.

After visiting a number of crowded places in the north, she fell ill and tested positive for COVID-19. The other two women were also found to be positive. Subsequently a 32-year-old Thai DJ working at 1G1 in Tachilek also tested positive.

On December 5, health officials reported that 583 people who might have been exposed had already been tested for COVID-19 through contact tracing, with no positive results.


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