Iranian parliament approves destruction of ‘Zionist regime’


Iranians are greatly suffering due to economic recessions due coronavirus pandemic for months and it is feared that the situation will gradually worsen as the regime in Tehran instead of paying attention in resolving the ongoing pandemic challenge by immediately buying vaccines for its people is – rather engaged into madness by taking preparations of “destroying” Israel.

According to media reports, Iran’s parliament voted on a mandate to destroy the state of Israel, on the anniversary of Qassem Soleimani’s assassination.

The mandate aims “to destroy the usurping Zionist regime” and “[break] the siege of Gaza by sending basic goods from official naval bases to Gaza in exchange for money or free of charge.”

Upon passage of the mandate into law, the Iranian regime will be obligated to pursue the “Right of return of Palestinian refugees” and the “Liberation of the Golan Heights” by providing “welfare-economic-security and infrastructures.”

The mandate also designates the US killing of Qassem Soleimani as a “terrorist act” that warrants the “execution of severe revenge by expelling the United States from the region and reciprocal measures to weaken the United States.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has previously referred to Israel as a “deadly, cancerous tumor in the region” that must be “uprooted and destroyed.”

Iran openly bolsters terrorist groups in Gaza including Hamas and Hezbollah by supplying millions of dollars annually in financial and military support.

What does that mean?

Iranian regime seems to have gotten its evil energy boosted hearing the victory of Joe Biden during November 2020 election in the US. It is highly anticipated that President-elect Biden and his administration will immediately jump for re-entering negotiations with Iran and lift series of Donald Trump’s sanctions.

Irani’s supreme leadership has already expressed its delight at the victory of Joe Biden – most possibly because, they consider the upcoming president of the US as a trusted friend.

No doubt, under patronization from Iran, terrorist activities of Hamas and Palestinians will greatly intensify during the coming weeks and months, thus posing grave threat to the Jewish State.

Meanwhile, despite the recent normalization of relations between Qatar and other GCC countries, policy makers in Doha have not shown any sign of joining efforts in countering Iran’s terrorist actions and patronization of terrorism. Meaning, Qatar will maintain its sweetest relations and cooperation with terror-patron Iran, while it also will work in further normalizing relations with its GCC neighbors. But in no case, Qatar will certainly echo the voice of its Iranian allies on issues related to Israel. Meaning – Doha may also chant “destroy Israel” slogan alongside Tehran.

While Israel is going to face enhanced terrorist activities from Gaza and Iran, the government in Jerusalem is now giving highest emphasis on tackling the pandemic – instead of paying much heed to Iran’s threats of elimination or Qatar’s possible continuation of financial support to Hamas and other terrorist entities within the Palestinians.

According to media reports, Israel has already vaccinated over one million of its population just within a week and this per capita rate is by far the fastest internationally, which already put observers from around the world at great surprise.

According to data from Oxford University’s Our World in Data, by now, more than 11 percent of its population has now been given COVID-19 vaccine – more than three times the next-fastest country – Bahrain, and well above the global average of 0.13 percent.

Israel’s rate of inoculation so far is thus nearly 100 times that of the average worldwide: 11 percent instead of 0.13 percent – an extraordinary feat.

Max Roser, an Oxford researcher who founded the initiative, tweeted Friday that Israel “is rapidly getting to a point where mass deaths and mass lockdowns are over.”

And, how it has been possible for Israel to vaccinate such a massive percentage of its population, when most of the countries in the world are even waiting to receive the Covid-10 vaccine sometime during end of January or even later?

Reply is – Israeli government gave highest priority to this issue and were already finalizing purchase agreement with the vaccine manufacturing companies – weeks ahead of many other nations.


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