Pattaya bargirls turn street vendors


Prolonged lockdown, total uncertainty and economic crisis has pushed bargirls in Pattaya selling grilled fish from street carts. Even owners of bars are shifting to engaging bargirls in shifting to this alternative profession simply as the pandemic has been causing massive financial loss to their outlets and it has become impossible paying the monthly salary to the bargirls.

According to our Pattaya correspondent, Pattaya’s second shutdown has forced the bar workers in scrambling to find other jobs, mostly unrelated to serving cold beer or swinging around chrome poles.

Pandemic has made their lives extremely difficult. In the good days – before the pandemic, where those bargirls were making minimum US$ 200-250 per day, it is almost impossible for them to even earn US$ 10-15 as there is practically no visitor in the bars, except a very few locals.

Hostesses from the Richmond Bar & Guesthouse on Soi Welcome in Jomtein Beach are now selling secondhand clothes at the Buffalo Market to meet their basic needs.

According to our correspondent, majority of the bargirls are suffering from extreme mental stress while few of them, who don’t have boyfriends or sponsors are forced to leave Pattaya for their villages.

Talking about the ongoing crisis in the tourism industry in Pattaya, Mayura, owner of a guesthouse said, they are totally puzzled seeing no possibility of the end of the pandemic situation in the near future.

“We have been waiting for months thinking the pandemic will be over and tourists from around the world would again start visiting Thailand. But now it seems – there is really no hope of any immediate end to this crisis”. Mayura said.

It may be mentioned here that hundreds and thousands of tourists, especially from the Western countries were choosing November-April as the best season for visiting Thailand to skip cold weather in their countries. This was considered as the peak tourist season every year in Thailand as well as few other Asian nations including Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and Indonesia [Bali]. But, due to coronavirus pandemic, the tourism industry has almost missed the 2020-2021 season and no one knows exactly when this nightmare will end.


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