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“They’re full of shit,” said Joey Piscitelli, the northwest regional director of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), the largest and most active victims’ group. “You can quote me on that. They’re not protecting the victims.”

With the outcry of victim’s groups, Harris’s office then attempted to shift blame, claiming that the idea of burying the evidence had been first suggested by her predecessor, Hallinan. But he [Hallinan] responded angrily to her claims. “I told Jack Hammel [the archdiocese’s legal counsel] in no uncertain terms that I wouldn’t go along with anything like that.”

James Jenkins, the founding chairman of the archdiocese’s Independent Review Board resigned from the board, Jenkins argued that Harris’s deal with the archdiocese not only denied the rights of known victims, it also prevented other possible cases from coming forward.”

In April 2010, a journalist with the San Francisco Weekly asked for the records through California’s Public Records Act. Harris’s office denied the request, offering conflicting explanations as to why they could not provide them. In 2019, I requested those records through a California attorney. The San Francisco district attorney’s office responded that they no longer had them in their possession. Were they destroyed? Were they moved somewhere else? It remains a disturbing mystery. She somehow served as San Francisco district attorney from 2004 to 2011, and then as California attorney general from 2011 to 2017, and never brought a single documented case forward against an abusive priest. To put this lack of action in perspective, at least fifty other cities charged priests in sexual abuse cases during her tenure as San Francisco district attorney. San Francisco is conspicuous by its absence.

Adult entertainment club scandal

At San Francisco’s adult entertainment clubs, dancers were taking customers behind closed doors and having sex for money. After repeated complaints the San Francisco Police Department decided to take action.

The police action caught the attention of newly installed district attorney Kamala Harris, and her staff sent the message to hold off on the enforcement.

Meanwhile, in response to continued complaints, the police conducted a pair of sting operations. Three undercover officers went into each of the two clubs and were quickly solicited by female employees for paid sex. At both the Market Street Theater & New Century Theater, it happened “within minutes. When the operations were done, 9 women were arrested, as was the GM of the New Century. The cops claimed that they were “slam-dunk cases.” But Kamala Harris dropped the cases.

“It just leaves me in amazement,” said San Francisco Police Department vice captain Tim Hettrich. It was “almost legalizing prostitution.”

Harris’s strange objections to prosecuting prostitution cases connected to these raids have a possible explanation. The owner of both the Market Street and New Century theatres was a company called Déjà Vu.

An owner of Déjà Vu, Sam Conti, had a long history with Willie Brown. Conti had first hired Brown as his defence attorney back in 1977. They remained friends. At Conti’s 2009 funeral, Brown delivered a videotaped eulogy.

Cement concrete company scandal

Ricardo Ramirez ran a cement and concrete company called Pacific Cement.

As of 2003, a full one-third of the public works projects in San Francisco used Pacific. Those contributions often went to the Willie Brown machine and were not always legal. In 1997, state officials found that Ramirez had illegally contributed US$2,000 to Brown’s 1995 mayoral campaign. Ramirez never faced charges for delivering substandard concrete. Instead, Harris’s office settled for a plea deal involving a single environmental count. Illegally storing waste oil at one of his production facilities. Harris and her office refused to offer an explanation as to why they were going so light on Willie Brown’s friend & donor. “Harris’ office had no explanation for why it dropped the concrete case,” – the Chronicle.”

Kamala Harris’s signature program as San Francisco district attorney was called Back on Track-a program designed to give first-time drug offenders an opportunity to avoid a criminal record. Those (in the program) included were not just nonviolent, first-time offenders who had committed a single drug offense. Some were illegal immigrants and violent criminals such as Alexander Izaguirre. Amanda Kiefer was walking down the street when Izaguirre snatched her purse and jumped into a waiting SUV. Rather than drive off, the SUV sped toward Kiefer to run her down. Kiefer jumped on the hood and saw Izaguirre and the driver laughing. The driver slammed on the brakes throwing Kiefer to the ground. The impact fractured her skull. Harris did not offer an explanation. Instead, she simply explained that enforcing federal immigration law was not her job.

Nutrition company scandal

In 2015 the attorneys general from fourteen other states, including New York, launched an effort to investigate nutrition companies on the grounds of false advertising and mislabeling. The Obama administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) was also going after dietary supplement producers, charging them with exaggerated claims. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) opened an investigation into Herbalife in March 2014.

In July 2016, the FTC won a $200 million settlement against Herbalife.

But Kamala Harris never even investigated the company.

It is worth noting that those corporations in question all happened to be clients of her husband’s law firm, Venable LLP. GNC, Herbalife, AdvoCare International, Vitamin Shoppe, and others were represented by Venable. In 2015, prosecutors from Harris’s own attorney general’s office based out of San Diego sent her a long memorandum arguing that Herbalife needed to be investigated.

Harris declined to investigate or provide the resources-and never offered a reason.

To know more about corruption of Kamala Harris, you can read Peter Schweize’s book ‘Profile in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite’.



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