Western nations need to immediately bring Islamist imams under radar


In most of the mosques and so-called Islamic or Muslim community centers in the West, imams call for waging jihad against the Jews and Christians thus branding them as “enemies of Islam”. This is happening on a regular basis and particularly during Friday prayer sermons, such jihadist provocation reaches the peak.

Authorities in the western countries must bring the mosques and Muslim community centers under radar to make sure – clerics and Muslim speakers are not spreading religious hatred and jihadist propaganda.

But in my personal opinion, doing this is not very simple as most of the western media too are under heavy influence of radical Islam as millions of dollars are flowing into the secret bank accounts of the owners of these media outlets, while Qatar and Iran in particular are aggressively spending their huge zakat fund in buying media outlets in the West as well as other non-Muslim nations, including India.

Additionally, this evil nexus of Islamist nations are heavily investing in demonizing and defaming anti-radical-Islam research organizations and individuals – thus branding them as “vehicles of Islamophobia” or agents “anarchists”.

Few weeks ago, Saudi authorities terminated dozens of imams from their jobs for not mentioning Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist entity.

In Austria, from 2021, registration of imams has been made mandatory. It is also calling for the European Union to adopt the registration of imams, the worship leaders of mosques in the Muslim communities.

In an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt, Austria’s Minister for European Affairs Karoline Edtstadler said Imam registration was key for “the fight against political Islam.”

“Most imams move through many EU countries, so the security authorities need to know who is preaching what in which mosque at any given time,” Edtstadler, a member of Kurz’s conservative Austrian People’s Party, told the newspaper.

She also believes EU funds should be “so strictly controlled in the future that they do not go to organizations and associations that advocate Islamist and anti-Semitic positions”.

Qatar trying to gain influence in Europe

It all started with a USB stick containing donor lists, e-mail correspondence, and information on bank transfers from the largest NGO in the Gulf States, the “Qatar Charity.” The documents revealed details of a missionary- and funding program aimed at strengthening political Islam throughout Europe. This program includes the financing of 140 mosques, cultural centers, and schools — all of which are associated with the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organization. But Qatari authorities deny that the NGO is carrying out missionary activity in the West.

Two French journalists, Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot, conducted an investigation of the program. They “followed the money,” and came up with details on the construction of a huge Islamic center in Mulhouse, Alsace; a museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, that’s devoted to Islamic civilization; a training center for imams in the French department of Nièvre; and a refugee center in Sicily that housed migrants at the height of the Syrian crisis. The journalists discovered that these programs were driven by ideology.

According to experts, these projects are part of a far-reaching program while Qatar’s ruling Thani family is actively involved in financing various radical Islamic organizations in Europe and the West, while has also been spending millions of dollars in buying media outlets.

Qatari regime has been sponsoring radical Islam in Europe and rest of the western nations with the aim of establishing influence of Islam on the western societies, while it also is spending millions in religious conversion of Christians and Jews into Islam. A similar project is also continuing with financial aid from radical Hinduist groups and individuals with the target of increasing Hindu population in the western countries – mostly by converting Christians, Muslims and Jews into Hinduism. The key base of such Hinduist religious conversions are running under the garb of so-called social organizations, Hindu groups and ashrams run by Hindu godmen.


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