Widespread fear-mongering propaganda centering the pandemic PART-6


Sir Desmond suggested the British government had known for a while it was going to launch a fresh crackdown but waited for MPs to break for Christmas before announcing the measures in order to avoid a Commons backlash.

He said: ‘Yes, they’ve been looking at it [the new variant] since September and how convenient when Parliament went into recess – suddenly they were then able to produce this revelation.

‘Let’s see the evidence then, let’s have Parliament back and show us and convince us, come clean.

‘I want Parliament to be recalled so we can scrutinize properly in a democracy decisions that are being made which affect our economy radically and our liberty.’

He said a failure to recall Parliament would demonstrate the Government is ‘frightened of its Parliament’.

The new Tier 4 restrictions mean more than 16 million people across London, the South East and East of England have now been told to stay at home as much as they can.

Whitehall sources suggested the stay-at-home message could last until most over-50s have received a coronavirus vaccine – a timeline which would likely take the country to Easter or beyond.

Britain facing curse due to its colonial atrocities

Ever-since the British Prime Minister had enthusiastically declared the sudden discovery of mutant coronavirus, which according to him is 70 percent deadlier than the Covid-19 – has put the UK into isolation from the rest of the world. Everyone in the world is now scared of Britons. Most possibly, none of the countries in the world will be feeling safe in opening their borders for the British nationals. On the other hand, no one known the length of the UK’s fresh lockdown. Some say, it may continue until Easter, while others say – it may even continue until the second half of 2021. In any case, Britain’s economy is going to suffer a huge blow, most possibly with its unemployment rate reaching an alarming level.

Under Boris Johnson, while Britain’s economy is heading towards an imminent catastrophe, critics say, this might be a result of divine curse, due to Britain’s past track records of cruel atrocities, barbarism, and loot into its colonial rule in several Afro-Asian nations. Many of the European nations also are under the same curse.

During the colonial rule, Britain was the largest empire ever to have existed, and as the saying used to go – the sun never sets on the British Empire. At its height in 1922, the colonial power was lording it over a fifth of the world’s population, meaning, majority of the people in the world have endured the extreme cruelty of the British monarchs.

Under the policies of British colonialism, people around the globe were subjected to mass famines, atrocious conditions in concentration camps, and brutal massacres at the hands of imperialist troops. The Brits also played an integral role in the transatlantic slave trade.

Although the atrocities of the British Empire are well documented, the myth of the noble colonizing power continued into recent decades.

During proceedings in the British High Court in 2010, University of Warwick historian David M Anderson submitted a statement referring to 1,500 files that went missing from Kenya as British rule in the region was coming to an end.

This led the British government to concede that they had hidden or disposed of those files, and many others at a high-security facility north of London. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was hiding around 600,000 historical documents in breach of the 1958 UK Public Records Act.

The stash included around 20,000 undisclosed files from 37 former British colonies. Indeed, it’s common knowledge that as the British colonial edifice was disintegrating, administrators of the colonies were told to either burn their documents or try and smuggle them out.

The legal proceedings where David M Anderson made his revelations related to a case brought against the British government by three elderly Kenyans who claimed they’d been tortured and abused by the colonial authorities during the British occupation of their country.

Loot from the Indian subcontinent

It is said that India was the jewel in the crown of the British Empire. The British East India Company began making avenues into the subcontinent in the 17th century, and India was established as a Crown colony in 1858.

To be continued …


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