Saudi Arabia to hire thousands of engineers in 2021


The Saudi Council of Engineers affirmed on Sunday that it will continue its endeavors to work with various bodies to create jobs for 7000 Saudi engineers during the year 2021.

The council said that it will accelerate efforts to make engineering jobs available in the labor market for the young Saudi men and women and this is through the “Muehl platform, which contains employment reference for engineering establishments and companies.

Eng. Abdul Nasser Al-Abdullatif, spokesman of the council, said that the platform witnessed good turnout from recently graduated engineers in various specializations, and that contributes to obtaining the support of various bodies to secure them a job at the earliest possible.

He stressed that the council will continue efforts to verify the certificates of expatriates as well as the requirement of their five years of experience. He noted that it is not within the jurisdiction of the council to amend the profession of an expatriate.

Eng. Abdul Nasser pointed out that the council and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development are keen on organizing engineering and technical professions in the labor market to open the way for employing more national cadres.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has decided to Saudize 20 percent of the engineering jobs effective from the beginning of 2021. This will cover 117 engineering professions, creating more than 7,000 jobs, with a monthly salary not less than SR7,000.

Minister Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi had issued a decision in this regard in August 2020, and that applies to all private sector establishments in which five or more are employed in the engineering professions. The decision will not be applicable to private establishments where four or less foreign engineers are employed.

The ministry has given private establishments 18 weeks’ time to correct their Saudization status in accordance with the minister’s decision. The Ministry announced that a package of incentives and support will be provided to the private sector establishments for employing Saudi engineers.

Saudi Gazette


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