Last of the Byzantine Greeks facing extinction


Turkey’s radical Islamic ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan has visibly made his evil ambition clear. He wants to revive the Ottoman Empire and establish Caliphate. His actions are already showing his determination towards this nefarious direction. According to media reports, the Greeks, who represent the last vestiges of Christian Byzantium and the Roman Empire are heading towards their final extinction in today’s Turkey, with their numbers dwindling to a mere handful under the cruel Islamist hardline government of Erdogan.

What is now Turkey only began to be colonized in by the Turkic peoples in earnest from around 1071, after their Seljuk ancestors had arrived from Central Asia and vanquished the Greek-speaking Christian ruler Romanos IV Diogenes’s forces at the Battle of Manzikert.

The last vestiges of the Byzantine state where finally snuffed out with the brutal conquest of Constantinople, widely regarded as the greatest Christian city in the world, in 1453, or arguably with the fall of the citadel of Salmeniko Castle in modern-day Greece in 1461, following a brave but doomed resistance by its commander, Konstantinos Graitzas Palaiologos.

Despite widespread massacres and enslavement during the Turkish conquests, however, the region’s Greeks survived and were allowed something of a cultural life, albeit as second-class citizens, for centuries — not least because they served as cash cows for their Muslim rulers through the imposition of the jizya tax.

But Greeks in Istanbul, as Constantinople is now called, have now tumbled from 200,000 as recently as 1914 to, officially, a mere 3,000 — and a Times correspondent who visited the city to interview some of the survivors, known as the Rum, reports that the true figure may be nearer to just one thousand.

The scourge of Erdogan’s oppression against “disbelievers” is not felt only by its own Christian population, but increasingly regionally. Turkey is a growing threat to its rival Iran and possibly Israel and few other nations in the Middle East.

America under Trump has observed the growing strength of Turkey’s commitment to Islam and the increasing threat it presents, and Trump therefore imposed sanctions. By contrast, the UK has just signed a multi-billion-dollar trade deal that will serve to strengthen Turkey.

Surprisingly, the Western world promotes “diversity” at any cost, along with the “Islamophobia” subterfuge, and remains willfully blind as to the violent and expansionary foundations of radical Islam.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been showing extreme cruelty on the non-Muslim population in Turkey, while he had forcefully converted Hagia Sophia into a mosque, thus showing the world – the western world in particular has no capacity in stopping his aggressive persuasion of reviving the Ottoman Empire thus beginning the journey of a notorious Islamic Caliphate, which might one day turn into a massive headache to the international community.


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