Kamala Harris, the Indian-born future president of America


Pallavi Deshmukhi

Indian-born Kamala Harris is a fighter. Most importantly, she is hesitant in publicly talking much about her African father. Instead, she proudly proclaims her Indian roots. Her reluctance in mentioning her paternal roots is well understood. Ms. Harris has hidden anger on her father and most possibly the African identity as he left her mother leaving Harris and her sister. This surely is an emotional issue; which Harris may not forget in her life. For this particular reason, Kamala Harris is prouder to consider herself as a daughter of India than an African daughter.

As we know, Kamala Harris was tapped as a potential Democratic presidential candidate when she announced her candidacy in 2019. She was even seen as the first female president of the US by many of the political pundits and media giants. She was initially much favorite than Joe Biden and also senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, during the course of Democratic primaries. However, her popularity was dented by several media outlets in particular as well as some heavyweight funders of the Democratic Party, who wanted Joe Biden to run for the presidency, instead of Harris. Reason was most assumably – Kamala Harris would not pay much heed to the dictation of those wealthy donors of the Democratic Party. Another reason was – to Ms. Harris, India would be always a priority over any other nation – even in some cases – the United States.

When Kamala Harris was dropped from the nomination run for the presidency, some influential quarters in the US, especially those inclined towards India, had to play important role in ensuring, the daughter of India becomes the vice president – once Joe Biden wins. Actually, the victory of Biden was sealed months before the election day, as Donald Trump had already become a villain to the American voters.

During his four years in office, Donald Trump has done pretty less for the US. Rather his dedication was to empower Israel and help it become stronger. Such actions of Trump had resulted in a dramatic drop in his acceptability to American voters – particularly Indians, Christians, and Muslims.

As we know, on the day of his inauguration, Joe Biden will be 78 years old – much older than any other president in the history of the United States, and most possibly, he is the last individual becoming the US president at such an older age. Donald Trump, the second-oldest, was 70 when he was inaugurated.

It’s entirely possible that health issues might not permit him to serve the full four-year term. In that case, Harris would replace him, without a new election — making her the first woman president of the United States. In that case, Kamala Harris will get re-elected in 2024 as well, and possibly complete her 8-years in the office of the president of the United States of America until 2028.

Another key point is, due to old age and too many health issues, it would be impossible for Joe Biden to run the day-to-day affairs of the president. This will again, open the prospect for Ms. Harris to actually run the presidency with Joe Biden at the upfront.

For India, the victory of Joe Biden was vital as it has opened the prospect for Ms. Harris to be the vice president and this victory will now ensure India’s prominent presence in the White House, at least until 2028.


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