Night curfew declared in New Delhi during new year eve


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The Delhi Disaster Management Authority Thursday announced a curfew in the city on New Year’s Eve, restricting more than five people to assemble at a public place. According to an order, no celebratory events, congregations and gatherings at public places are permitted from 11 pm of December 31 to 6 am of January 1, 2021. However, the order exempts licensed premises.

“A detailed assessment of the situation in Delhi has been made and considering the threat posed by the mutant UK strain of Covid-19 virus and after observing the local incidents of Covid-19 pandemic in Delhi, it is apprehended that gatherings, congregations, and public celebrations of New Year pose a considerable threat of the spread of the virus and may cause setback to the appreciable gains made in the suppression of chain of transmission of Covid-19 cases in Delhi,” an order issued by Chief Secretary Vijay Dev said.

“Night curfew will be in force (not more than five persons to assemble at public places), and no new year celebratory events, congregations and gatherings at the public place will be permitted from 11 pm of December 31 to 6 am of January 1, 2021, and also from 11 pm of January 1 to 6 am of January 2…Public places will not include the licensed premises.. However, there will be no restriction on interstate and intrastate movement of persons and goods during the curfew period,” it added.

The chief secretary has also directed all District Magistrates, DCPs and all authorities concerned to ensure strict compliance of the order.

Gurgaon, Noida Covid-19 guidelines

The Gurgaon administration has not announced any specific restrictions, and 50 people are allowed to gather in banquet halls. A hundred people are allowed to gather in the open. Restrictions specific to New Year celebrations have not been issued yet.

In Noida, no more than 50 percent of the capacity indoors can be occupied, and a gathering cannot have more than 100 people. Only 40 percent of the total capacity of an open-air venue can be occupied, orders issued by the Uttar Pradesh administration said.


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