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Emirates has announced several key movements and rotations to its commercial team, both in its Dubai hub and across key markets in the Far East, West Asia and Africa.

The changes place five seasoned Emirati commercial managers in key positions across the Emirates network to support its commercial strategies as the airline responds to shifting market dynamics and navigates the complex challenges posed by the global pandemic.

The rotations also demonstrate the depth of UAE National talent within the global commercial team, due in large part to the exposure they are given across the airline’s network.

Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ Chief Commercial Officer said: “As Emirates works through the complexities of this challenging period, we are sharpening our focus further and placing extremely capable leaders with diverse experiences to help drive commercial initiatives that stimulate demand and maximise revenue opportunities and margin performance. I am also proud of our UAE Nationals, who are well-placed to support the commercial organisation at this critical time, as we continue to build sustained momentum, restore our network foothold, and ramp up our operations to position the airline for a strong recovery.”

The following five commercial management rotations for UAE Nationals will take effect 1 January 2021:

Salem Ghanem Al Marri, currently Manager Japan, will return to Dubai to the airline’s Strategic Planning department.

Jaber Mohamed, currently Area Manager Taiwan, will become Country Manager Philippines.

Saeed Abdulla Miran, currently Manager Bangladesh, take on the role of Area Manager Hong Kong.

Sultan Alriyami, currently an Outstation Manager, will become Area Manager Taiwan.

Mohamed Alhammadi, currently a Commercial Manager, will become Manager Bangladesh.

In addition to the UAE National rotations, several commercial managers in Africa and South East Asia will also be taking on new or enhanced roles:

Satish Sethi, currently Country Manager Philippines, will become Manager Japan.

Afzal Parambil, currently Regional Manager West Africa, will take on the role of Regional Manager South Africa.

Paulos Legesse, currently Manager Ivory Coast, will become Manager Nigeria.

Christophe Leloup, currently Manager Senegal, will become Manager Kenya.

Cathrine Wesley, Country Manager Ghana, will support Ivory Coast in addition to her current role.

Arpit Behl, Country Manager Guinea, will support Senegal in addition to his current role.

The airline continues to create opportunities for UAE Nationals to grow professionally and build a well-defined career path so that they can play pivotal roles within the organisation.

Through the commercial outstation programme, UAE nationals gain experience in support roles, and are eventually groomed for leadership positions at Emirates outstations. The programme is underpinned by role rotations, providing UAE nationals the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and experience to ensure a strong talent pipeline across the Emirates Group’s global businesses.


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