Abhigya Anand, story of a kid ‘godman’ and scammers behind him


An Indian kid named Abhigya Anand and his astrology has drawn the attention of media in his country and abroad by allegedly predicting a lot about COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic – Mutant coronavirus. Although people are increasingly showing interest in Abhigya and his so-called prophecy, most of the people possibly are yet to know – his parents have been making efforts in somehow promoting Abhigya as a super-kid – and even as a spiritually-powered child.

The making of Abhigya Anand

In India, Bangalore Mirror is a newspaper, which is quite infamous for publishing paid content and promotional articles without any announcement of it to have been paid. Such wrong practices are for surely misguiding and even deceiving the readers of this newspaper. Back in 2013 (March 17), Bangalore Mirror published a content captioned – ‘8-year-old can recite 300 verses of Gita’. In the second paragraph of this paid article, the newspaper said: “If you have a yearning for listening Bhagavad Gita, Sunday is your best bet. At 12 noon if you go to the ISKCON center at Rajajinagar, you can catch eight-year-old Abhigya reciting 170 verses from the Gita from memory.

When in Australia eight months ago, where his father Anand Ramasubramanian was working for IBM, a visit to the ISKCON center in Melbourne trigged Abhigya’s interest in the Gita. Unable to find a teacher, Abhigya finally turned to YouTube, within eight months, he managed to learn 200-odd verses from the first six chapters and another 100 randomly picked by himself…”

The newspaper further said: Thanks to his father’s IT profession, Abhigya has already lived in four foreign countries – Canada, Germany, Australia, and Finland. While in Germany, he was able to speak German fluently…”

Sponsored article on the Bangalore Mirror & Times of India

Readers, do you believe this ridiculous story of the Bangalore Mirror? Can anyone speak any foreign language fluently just in six months when none of his family members even know how to utter a few words correctly?

Actually, this article was a part of long-term planning of the parents of Abhigya Anand and most possibly a few more people and maybe even – organizations, who were willing to somehow promote him as a mystery child, and the youngest astrologer either with the agenda of making tons of money or any other goal or both.

The paid promotion of Abhigya Anand was not only in the Bangalore Mirror in 2013. In the same year, the Indian newspaper the Times of India had published another report titled – Reciting shlokas in child’s play for this 8-yr-old. But in this article, TOI did not have anything from the parents of Abhigya claiming he had learned Gita from YouTube.

Interestingly enough – the above news had appeared only in two Indian English press – the Times of India and Bangalore Mirror, while no other newspaper had republished it. The only possible reason could be – for the parents of Abhigya Anand, it was sufficient coverage to promote their son as extraordinary, brilliant.

Abhigya Anand’s astrology

The boy resurfaced on the media circuit a few months ago with news captions claiming he “precisely” had made a forecast (astrology) on the COVID-19. Most of the newspapers in India as well as few foreign media had covered this news, without digging into the fact.

A close look at the Facebook page of Abhigya Anand clearly proves – he had never made any forecast on coronavirus pandemic. Rather his “prophecy” on the death toll in India was repeatedly wrong.

The investigative team of Blitz is working on the case of Abhigya Anand, and hopefully, we shall be able to publish a few more reports on this controversial case.

Making Abhigya a Kid Godman 

There have been many theories around where the current coronavirus pandemic began, some more believable than others, and countless researchers around the world studying its origin. Whatever the reason, the truth is that the virus has wreaked havoc across practically all countries with few able to prepare adequately for the impact of Covid-19.

In India, however, a story has emerged of what people are claiming is one of the youngest astrologers in the world, who predicted the pandemic in a video that was published in August 2019. His name is Abhigya Anand, he is just 14 years old, and his videos are currently going viral across various social networks as he announced a “severe danger to the world” would happen “between November 2019 and April 2020.”

Deception in Abhigya Anand’s videos

But in reality, the father of Abhigya Anand – an IT specialist is the man who has uploaded astrology contents of Abhigya only during the middle of 2020 dating it back into November 2019 on YouTube when cases of coronavirus were already showing up in China. So, what people are thinking of the “prophecy” of Abhigya’s astrology or his prediction from the blue was actually nothing of anything special. His father had used the child in making video content and then it was uploaded on YouTube in 2020 giving the date to November 2019.

According to Abhigya’s YouTube astrology predictions, though, another outbreak will hit around 20 December 2020 and it will be more extreme, with other disasters, lasting through until March 2021. But on his Facebook page, he has made another prediction stating coronavirus will be lasting until 2025 – clearly proving, this kid has really nothing special.

Great fortune to Abhigya Anand’s family 

Following the publication of reports about Abhigya’s astrology in the media, Abhigya Anand is becoming increasingly popular in India as well as in the world, which is helping this kid and his family in getting thousands of prospective clients for this kid, who is asking about the astrological prediction on their future. Even Abhigya has been asking people for sending their names and date of birth for a ‘free’ prediction, although, according to a number of people, Abhigya has never responded to any such requests unless he was paid a certain amount of fees.

Commenting on the Abhigya case, Muzaffar Ahmad Bajwa, editor of the Eastern Herald said: “A new godman is in making. In course of the next 10-15 years, Abhigya Anand is going to emerge as India’s most famous godman.”

Mr. Bajwa said Abhigya’s family must have been already making tons of money by cashing on the sudden popularity of their son.

Earlier Abhigya Anand’s astrology, tricks, and deception of Abhigya’s parent was exposed by the Blitz newspaper. Read how Indian newspapers are glorifying the false claims of Abhigya Anand.


  1. How in the world such a kid can play the role of a fear-monger? Indian authorities need to take actions, while international media should expose this kid and those behind him.


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