Kim Jong Il exerted maximum efforts into developing the KPA


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December. 24 marks the 29th anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il’s assumption of the supreme commandership of the Korean People’s Army (KPA).

Kim Jong Il is a peerlessly brilliant commander who built up the People’s Army to be the strong revolutionary armed forces, thus defending and glorifying the socialist country of Juche by dint of their might.

He developed the KPA into the Party’s revolutionary army, in which the Party’s monolithic command system is thoroughly established. This is the great feats performed by Kim Jong Il in building the revolutionary armed forces.

During the days of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership, he put his heart and soul into the work for strictly preserving the revolutionary character of the KPA peculiar to the army of the leader and the Party and consolidating its politico-ideological might in every way.

He exerted maximum efforts into developing the KPA into a strong army fully prepared for modern warfare out of his firm belief that peace and victory of socialism are guaranteed by strong military muscle.

He provided a sure guarantee for the victory of the KPA in confrontation with any enemy by putting great efforts into developing the national defence industry throughout his leadership over the army-building.

The KPA grew up to be the army strong in idea and faith and the great army-people unity was successfully achieved, thanks to his wise leadership.

As a result, the might of the driving force of the revolution has reached the highest level and army-people assistance has become a national custom.



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