Kid ‘godman’ Abhigya Anand exposed


While the Indian and a section of the global media are busy promoting a kid ‘godman’ named Abhigya Anand from India, highlighting his predictions on COVID-19, we are getting so much of information on this “mysterious kid” and dubious activities of his parents who are trying to make money by falsely presenting their child as a godman.

In this article, a lot of mysteries centering this kid is being exposed, which possibly shall be an eye-opener to millions of people around the world.

Abhigya Anand’s flopped prediction 

On May 3, Abhigya Anand in his Facebook post said: “Estimated people will die in India 10,000 due to coronavirus. Please share this and stay at home”.

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Then on June 15, 2020, Abhigya Anand in another Facebook post said: “My final Predict 27,500 people will die in India due to coronavirus”.

Abhigya Anand’s prediction has already been proven totally wrong. The number of people already died in India due to coronavirus (until December 25, 2020) is 147,128 – ten times more than what Abhigya had predicted.

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The Anand family 

On his Facebook page, Abhigya Anand is also promoting his own sister Abhidheya Anand as another spiritual figure, if not another god woman. Such tendencies of Abhigya Anand or those behind him actually prove – they have formed a racket of scammers.

India-China War 

On July 22, Abhigya Anand on his Facebook page said: “Will there be a WAR between INDIA and CHINA? Abhigya”.

Does this make at all any sense? Now let us see what people said in the comment section of this post:

Sujat Sharma: What about corona you said 27500 deaths final bit now it’s more than that. You have to focus on the study Modi is there for handling boundary tensions ram.

Abhidheya Anand, Abhigya Anand, Abhigya Anand Astrology, China, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Facebook, Featured, India, Russia, vaccine
Abhigya Anand and his sister playing with animal dung

Vijayalakshmi Anand: U r so clever, utilize ur brain fr some better development, do no misuse and get upset, u r still young, concentrate on ur studies.

Ravi Chandran: You exposed yourself. People have lost faith in astrology and you. Better use god-given knowledge for useful things to mankind or if not to yourself.

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Radhika Krishnamoorthy: No predictions about corona? Your predictions are wrong won’t you change from 27500 to something else.

Thumbi Chandriah Murali: Your prediction about COVID-19 has gone wrong……still dare to say some new things……for what my boy???

Naveen C: All are fake I messaged already his first video.

Samir Ziz: Using some weird terms this boy is singing the tunes of the time. India really needs some good brains, u really have one but u use it for quackery instead. This kid’s parents should advise him to stop his nonsense and fooling people.

Er Manjunath G Saunshi: He is Cousin Of Drone Prathap Guys Stay Away From Him To Save Yourself From Blind Fold.

Muralidhara Prasad: First his parents should be sent behind bars.. scoundrels.

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Jagadeesh Nidamanuri: What happened to your Covid predictions Mr fraud… no matter you’re a brilliant one… please attend school and be rational buddy…

Vaccine Prediction of Abhigya  

On August 8, 2020, Abhigya Ananda wrote on his Facebook page: “My prediction for Covid-19 medicine from China will out soon in India”.

Abhidheya Anand, Abhigya Anand, Abhigya Anand Astrology, China, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Facebook, Featured, India, Russia, vaccine
Abhigya Anand sitting while being dictated by his father.

People also have reacted to this post. Here are a few of the comments:

Thirupachoor Comerica Udayasankar: Your predictions have gone wrong. Corona is not subsided in July or August. It is on the rise. No medicines so far.

Vaccines, Russia not China is going to register on 12th August 2020.

Alavala Srinivasareddy: are losing your credibility.

Jagadeesh Nidamanuri: Please report his page… Kid please go to school and get some education… Use your intellectuals in science, not on this pseudo-science…

Somjit Raichowdhury: Please don’t comment any shit. Your prediction is absolutely bogus with no reality in it.

Rajesh Khurana: all your previous predictions failed why should we believe this.

Sai Charan: Your predictions for total corona deaths in India was 27500.. now pls don’t fool ppl again.

Cahaya: Is your prediction about covid-19 will end by the 5th of September 2020 still valid?

False predictions of Abhigya Anand 

On October 8, 2020, Abhigya Anand on his Facebook page said: India will be number 1 list in Coronavirus cases worldwide.

On October 27, 2020, he wrote: Covid-19 to continue until the end of March 2025! So the intention is to continue it for another FIVE YEARS.

Abhidheya Anand, Abhigya Anand, Abhigya Anand Astrology, China, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Facebook, Featured, India, Russia, vaccine

On April 20, 2020, Abhigya Anand posted on his Facebook Page: 14-year-old boy predicted coronavirus. This post has been labeled as ‘Partly False Information’ by Facebook.

Abhigya Anand was in the media in the past as well! 

While people are talking about Abhigya Anand today, there was a news item published in Bangalore Mirror back in 2013, where it was telling the story of an 8-year-old kid, who could read 300 verses of Geeta!

It must be mentioned, the Bangalore Mirror article was paid for by his parents.

The same news was also published in The Times of India on February 11, 2013. Here is the news item: When friends of his age find it difficult in memorizing school lessons, this child chants Bhagavad Gita with ease. For eight-year-old Abhigya Anand, chanting Gita shlokas (verses) is a child’s play. Abhigya, knowing 300 shlokas, chants ninth, 11th, 12th, and 15th chapters of the holy scripture. 

It all began in Melbourne last May when his parents — Anand and Annu Anand — visited a room at a temple where Gita was chanted. 

Another website named Sharan also had featured Abhigya Anand and his family on September 11, 2010. In an article titled ‘Mini vegan messiahs’, Sharmila Ganesan-Ram wrote a lengthy piece about Abhigya Anand.

About Abhigya Anand 

Born in 2006, Abhigya’s father is Anand Ramasubramanian and his mother is Annu Anand. There is no information on his exact date of birth anywhere on the web. The only impression any investigative journalist may get on seeing the online activities of Abhigya Anand is – this kid is actually being used by an organized racket or frauds and crooks. According to credible sources, people behind Abhigya Anand are already making millions of dollars by selling concocted stories of this boy – in most cases with the tricky touch of sensation. Indian authorities need to immediately investigate the case of Abhigya Anand and bring those scammers behind him under custody. During these extremely challenging days of the pandemic, we cannot afford to allow such nonsense to continue.


  1. This boy has been appearing in most of the newspapers and TV channels in India. All of them are praising and promoting Abhigya Anand as a great astrologer and fortune-teller without checking facts. Many people must have already been misled by such pro-Abhigya propaganda or media craze. Now we have learned the other side of the coin from this report. What sort of parents can teach their kid in scamming and cheating hundreds and thousands of people? I have also learned from a friend of mine, this Anand family is collecting money selling the name of Abhigya and even they are asking for fees for personal astrological forecast of individuals. Most interestingly, Abhigya’s family is connection to Isckon, a suspicious organization. Can we call upon the Indian authorities to immediately investigate the case of Abhigya Anand and arrest his parents for such broad-day-light fraudulent activities?

  2. I am totally shocked reading this report. Undoubtedly Abhigya Anand and his family were running such scandalous venture most possibly with an ulterior motive.

  3. Thanks to the investigative journalists in BLiTZ for exposing Abhigya Anand. This boy has been fooling the world for few months. What I think, his parents are the masterminds behind this scam.

  4. I am disgusted knowing the fact about this boy. For some days, I was reading so much about his ‘prophecies’ and even was being misled. Kudos to the team of this newspaper for exposing kid scammer Abhigya Anand. But, there must be other people behind him. They too need to be exposed. Indian government needs to take action.

  5. In Hinduism, there is no place for such evil acts. We promote peace and love amongst the people. Feeling ashamed of what a fellow Hindu is doing. Please Abhigya Anand stop such nonsense. Truth shall prevail.


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