Abhigya Anand, a mysterious child ‘Nostradamus’ in India


On April 24, 2011, one of the famous Indian godmen died. His name is Sathya Sai Baba with millions of followers in India and the world. Born into a Telugu – at the age of fourteen he claimed that he was the reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba and left his home in order to serve the society and be an example to his followers. Before his death, Sathya Sai said he has a son (though he never disclosed the name and identity of the son) and one day this son will appear as one of the mightiest godmen in the world. It should be mentioned – Sathya Sai Baba was a conman and a proven fraud. Anyways, after his death, a child godman has emerged in India. His name is Abhigya Anand.

International media is busy publishing stories of an emerging and mysterious child ‘godman’ named Abhigya Anand in India, who became quite popular on the Internet for reportedly predicting the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the end of July this year, Anand has made a prophecy film that boldly predicted that mankind will face a major catastrophe, and he then disappeared for several months. On 7th November, he made a sudden comeback and made predictions about the astronomical situation and situation in the coming year and provided a way to deal with it.

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This November the emerging godman Abhigya Anand released a video and put forward the latest predictions and solution for 2021. He said that in the months since June 2020, the world’s epidemic situation and economy have shown a short-term improvement, but he mentioned that from 20th November to 28th November 2020, human beings will be affected by KOSHA. On 28th November, Jupiter will enter Capricorn again and conjoin Saturn. The disaster will begin again, that is, the whole world will be in crisis again in late November. This catastrophe is understood as Anand published the prophecy in July that Jupiter and Saturn will be in unity on 20th December, which means that the severity of this crisis will far exceed the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to TJ Berens, Aerospace Defense Consultant at the United States Armed Forces, as astrology is for entertainment purposes only, you should treat it accordingly. SO, if you see a cartoon on TV, and a talking cat in a top hat says something will happen, that would be roughly equivalent. “Predicting” that “something bad” will happen, is bunk, as all that people do, due to confirmation bias, is then try to find something bad that happened, so as to say, see, they predicted it. They then ignore all the PRIOR predictions that did not pan out. The entire practice is dependent upon coincidences and confirmation bias errors in reasoning.

About Abhigya Anand’s prediction

According to information available on the Internet, Abhigya Anand started catching the attention of the media only from October this year, when the coronavirus pandemic was already a huge disaster for the entire world, and there had also been news about the invention of the vaccine for this pandemic. Now the point is – Abhigya Anand or people who are behind him and publicists are claiming, this child made a prophecy film that boldly predicted that mankind would face a major catastrophe, and then he disappeared for several months. On November 7 this year he has a comeback with astrological explanations related to COVID-19.

But the only reference related to his so-called July prediction is one YouTube content. We know, YouTube content can always be posted with backdates and it is possible, the project Abhigya Anand was launched by some people with the purpose of making millions by marketing this newer version of a spiritual individual in India.

In fact, Abhigya Anand is no mystery or anything special. Someone behind him has actually constructed the entire story of him predicting the world being hit by a pandemic and accordingly uploaded video content giving backdate on social media.

Abhigya Anand is just another edition of fraud godman in India. Nothing else!


  1. How does such a reputed magazine like Blitz publish such rubbish thoroughly un reaearched article. Surprized and amused. The respect for this magazine has gone down.

  2. Thank you very much for exposing Abhigya Anand! Until now, most of the Indian newspapers and TV channels were competing in promoting this scammer kid, although we can understand, his parents are the masterminds. Shall the Indian authorities investigate this case and take stern legal actions? Let me remind everyone, this boy has published a forecast on the social media stating coronavirus shall continue in the world until 2025. Such mad statements can only increase people’s fear and concerns. He or his family has no right of scaring the nation. Thanks to the team of Blitz for such informative report. Please keep it up and expose the matter further.

  3. Deplorable! It seems this boy and his family are cracking cruel jokes on our sufferings due to the pandemic. Indian authorities need to act.

  4. What this kid is doing can only be compared with the act of devil. Everyone in the world is passing through extremely difficult time due to the pandemic. Global economy too is facing tremendous challenges. Anyone who can make fun of such tremendous sufferings of the people are purely evil. Thanks to this newspaper for this report. I am calling upon the members of the international media to immediately expose the entire racket.


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