Netherlands ready to grant asylum to convicted war criminals


Robert Spencer

What could possibly go wrong? So a few convicted jihad murderers enter the Netherlands. Celebrate diversity, you greasy Islamophobe.

“Council of State: Convicted war criminals can be granted asylum,” translated from “Raad van State: veroordeelde oorlogsmisdadigers kunnen asiel krijgen,” by Bart Reijmerink, De Dagelijkse Standaard, December 16, 2020 (thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation):

Convicted war criminals can possibly still receive asylum in the Netherlands. That is the ruling of the Council of State. As long as these convicted war criminals pose no acute danger, they can qualify for asylum. This ruling from the Council of State can bring about many changes…

Currently, asylum-seekers who have a serious crime on their record are automatically denied, but the ruling by the Council of State may bring a change. In the future, they may still attempt to obtain asylum in the Netherlands if they can demonstrate that they have changed their lives for the better. In such cases, the State Secretary must look into the matter.

The Council of State says that Dutch people do not have to worry now. It is not that any criminal can claim asylum; there are “high demands” in place. The door has been opened a bit, but the criteria to enter the Netherlands remain high.

Nevertheless, the ruling by the Council of State is cause for concern. I can imagine that members of Parliament will want to have more clarity over this ruling. Because how do we guarantee that the criteria remain high enough so that no mistakes are made?


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