Iran celebrating victory of Biden, waiting for cowing-down America


Author: Christine Douglass-Williams

Iranian leaders have been celebrating in hope since the American election. Iran can’t wait for Biden. Rouhani said that he was “very happy” that Trump was leaving office.

It is telling when a grave enemy of freedom such as Iran celebrates any Western leader whom it considers to be beneficial to its goals. Joe Biden is just that. And now Rouhani has kicked Iranian expectations up a notch, stating that he has “no doubt” that the Biden administration “will bow” to the regime and that “sanctions will be broken.” Such confidence is rooted in reality, the reality that the Obama administration was one of the best friends Iran could hope for. In 2018, Jihad Watch reported that Iran had already used 1.7 billion dollars that Obama gave it to finance jihad terrorists.

“Iran’s Rouhani Has No Doubt Joe Biden Will ‘Bow’ to Tehran, Lift Sanctions”, by Simon Kent, Breitbart, December 17, 2020:

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday he has “no doubt” a Joe Biden administration will rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by Barack Obama and remove sanctions on Iran’s economy while embracing appeasement across the Middle East.

His assertion followed Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who also backed the swift resumption of Iran’s commitments under the deal if it would finish U.S. sanctions, as Breitbart News reported.

“I have no doubt that the heroic national resistance of Iran is going to compel the future U.S. government to bow … and the sanctions will be broken,” Rouhani said Thursday.

The Washington Post reports the remarks were made at the inauguration of several infrastructure projects, where he spoke via videoconference.

On Wednesday, Khamenei had said in a televised address if U.S. sanctions “can be lifted in a correct, wise, Iranian-Islamic [and] dignified manner, this should be done.”

“We should not hesitate for even an hour,” he said, echoing a phrase Rouhani often uses, thus restating the confidence in Tehran that Joe Biden in the White House would mean a resumption of a compliant U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington soared during Donald Trump’s presidency as his administration brought Israel and the Gulf Arab states closer together while disciplining Iran for its human rights abuses and fostering of Islamic terrorism across the Middle East …


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