DPRK intensified anti-pandemic campaign


News Desk

Officials and working people across the country are further intensifying the all-people anti-epidemic campaign to cope with the worldwide spread of COVID-19 while strictly observing the measures taken by the state.

The central emergency anti-epidemic units are taking measures for promptly coping with possible situations while correcting the deviations that result from the prolonged emergency anti-epidemic work through regular meetings.

They are conducting ideological education effectively in various forms and by various methods among all the people to make them strictly abide by the state emergency anti-epidemic measures with the awareness that they are masters of the anti-epidemic work, and to further boost the anti-epidemic atmosphere on a mass basis.

Inspection and quarantine units are setting high demands to make all the people strictly observe the disinfection system and methods.

They are promoting the work for establishing perfect anti-epidemic wall at the edges of border bridges and ports by setting up specialized disinfection facilities of several kinds and studying and introducing efficient disinfectants and disinfecting methods.

The units in the field of public health are taking scrupulous measures for responsible medical examination.

Institutions and industrial establishments are disinfecting the offices and work sites and taking the temperatures of the employees as required by the anti-epidemic rules, while regularly reviewing the daily work and keeping the emergency anti-epidemic work above all.



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