Simple lifestyle of DPRK leader Kim Jong Il


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Chairman Kim Jong Il had worn an ordinary padded jacket from the period of the arduous march to the last moments of his life.

This padded jacket is a witness to his devoted efforts for the country and the people.

In his lifetime, the Chairman said that his padded jacket is a symbol of the Songun (military-first) revolution and the arduous march and he did not take off this jacket to remember the rigorous days.

With the simple clothes put on, he made a long journey of Songun leadership without letup, going through such rugged and dangerous roads and courses as Chol Pass, Mt Osong and rough sea to inspect Cho Islet, the military post at Panmunjom and many other military and civilian units across the country.

In the course, lots of touching stories came into being. Among them is a story that he ate some roasted potatoes as staple food, warming himself at a bonfire in the cold-wind-swept day.

Though he wore thin and discolored padded jacket, he earnestly instructed officials to provide the servicepersons with thick padded clothes.

That’s why the DPRK citizens spread their padded clothes over the roads to be passed by the car carrying the coffin of the Chairman in snowy December, nine years ago when they had to pay their last farewell to him.



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