Memoir of Kim Jong Il’s visit to a machine-building factory


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In 1998 Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a machine-building factory. Entering a shop with a buzzing sound of machines he enjoyed the scene of running machines. After looking round several workshops he praised highly that the factory had manufactured a lot of machines in the spirit of self-reliance.

His praise reminded the managers of the factory of his painstaking efforts for 40 years—he had often inspected the factory over the years.

In 1958 when the Chairman visited the factory, he dropped in at the rock drill workshop to see the products. He told to make and supply rock drills in numbers to collieries and mines. He continued to say that only when a large quantity of rock drills were supplied would they be able to develop the extractive industry and produce and supply more ores and coal needed for development of the national economy as a whole. Then he set forth the task to produce highly efficient rock drills in greater numbers with their own effort and technology.

Seeing several kinds of automobile parts such as piston and ring he stressed that they had to always rely on their own strength, and that if they did so they could make any kind of precision machines.

Later, when he inspected the factory and saw automobile and tractor parts, the Chairman said confidently that one who relies on one’s own strength can always win, and that if they maintained self-reliance with the belief in their own effort, they would be able to perform their tasks however difficult they might be.

Recalling the past the managers of the factory renewed their determination to further modernize production processes and steadily increase production, holding high the banner of self-reliance as they had done.



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