DPRK newspaper calls for implementing Chairman Kim Jong Il’s instructions


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Rodong Sinmun says in an article on Saturday that it is the revolutionary duty and noble moral obligation of our people to hold Chairman Kim Jong Il in high esteem forever and thoroughly implement his instructions without an inch of deflection and concession.

The instructions given by Kim Jong Il are the most scientific and encyclopedic guidelines for building a powerful socialist nation and accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche, the article notes, and goes on:

Our people could make uninterrupted innovations and progress with confidence in victory as he sowed the seeds of happiness and specified the ways for making leaps forward in all fields and sectors through his day-and-night forced march for the prosperity of the country and people’s happiness.

Although we faced harsh trials and difficulties in our advance, we could consolidate the unity and cohesion of the revolutionary ranks in every way and build up the great might for defending the country and people in the vigorous struggle for implementing his behests.

It is the iron truth cherished by our people on the road of the advance in the new century of Juche that if we do everything as instructed by him, everything will go well and victory will always be in store for us.

Firm is the determination and will of our people to carry on the revolution and construction, as instructed and done by him, in any storm and stress.


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