Notorious media terror of Dominica’s culprit government – PART 2


Special Correspondent

On October 2, the International Corruption Unit (ICU) of Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested Madueke and four others on suspicion of bribery and money laundering.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro is the ‘political mentor’ of Roosevelt Skerrit. Although Skerrit had obtained higher education in the United States, he has extreme hatred towards America and the West. In his political career, Skerritt has always associated with anti-America and the anti-West bloc. Moreover, he also has joined hands with countries like Iran or terrorist entities like D-Company [operated by notorious terrorist Dawood Ibrahim], Hezbollah or even the Iranian mullahs.

Hezbollah has been using Roosevelt Skerritt as one of its most confident contacts in trafficking narcotics to the Western nations. It is even reported that some of the diplomatic missions of Dominica are compelled by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt in involving in narcotic trafficking and their ‘diplomatic pouches’ are being used in this purpose.

Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez had extremely cordial relations with Roosevelt Skerritt and now Nicolas Maduro has even much warmer relations with him. Maduro is investing millions of dollars in various businesses including narco-trade through Roosevelt Skerritt, while the Prime Minister of Dominica reportedly has connections with the drug cartels in South American nations.

Investigation in the United States

American Federal law enforcement agency has been ordered to turn over all information in its possession on Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, and attorney Anthony “Tony” Astaphan, who acts as Skerrit’s adviser for the country’s diplomatic passport scheme. Readers who might think that the attorney-client privilege applies to any communications between the parties are advised to review Federal case law on the Crime or Fraud Exception to the privilege.

The requesting agency has not been identified but is believed to be the Department of Justice.

Dominica has been the subject of international media attention this year, primarily due to controversy over the alleged sale of a large number of Dominica diplomatic passports to a number of Iranians, Chinese, Russians, and other nationals from high-risk countries, some of whom have been arrested, on a variety of charges, in several countries. There are concerns that Dominican passports have been sold to North Korean government agents after a CNN investigative story disclosed that a Chinese recipient of a Dominican diplomatic passport was acting for a sanctioned state-owned North Korean Bank.

Given the broad reach of US Conspiracy laws, and the extraterritorial application of the money laundering statutes, Dominica government staff members who are engaged in the production of diplomatic passports for foreign nationals might want to consider consulting with a competent criminal defense attorney.

Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit faces a series of allegations of corruption, political fraud, money laundering, and involvement in numerous criminal activities, including drug trafficking. For years, he has successfully suffocated the voice of the independent media in that country and has also been continuing the cruel persecution of his political opponents.

But the team of investigative journalists of Blitz has already found several strong shreds of evidence of his corruption.



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