Tale of Surendra Kumar Sinha


M A Hossain

Poet Rabindranath Tagore, in his famous short story ‘Khoka Babur Prottaborton’ (Return of Khoka Babu) depicted the image of future judge. In Bangladesh, for the first time in the history of the judiciary of the country, a chief justice had to resign from his post due to series of serious allegations, including corruption, money laundering etcetera. Similar incidents though had taken place in other countries, such as Nepal, Nigeria and Pakistan, the resignation of Surendra Kumar Sinha had definitely had crossed all of those instances, as this man was not only involved into serious crimes such as corruption and money laundering, he also was committing serious offenses with the ulterior agenda of tarnishing the image of Bangladesh. Later it was revealed, Sinha was a mule of radical Islamists, such as Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh as well as Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI).

Let me remind my readers, Surendra Kumar Sinha had on document admitted his role against the war of independence of Bangladesh and his collaboration with the Pakistani occupation forces.

During his tenure, Surendra Kumar Sinha had made serious of attempts in smashing the image of Bangladesh Armed Forces, while he had no shame in giving questionable verdicts in a number of cases. He had played key-role in released all the convicts in Alam murder case, while it is learned that Sinha had received huge amount of cash from the families of the convicts and had passed a stunningly ridiculous order by instructing the lower court to release the convicts on bail, while their appeals were pending with the Appellate Division. In plain words, Surendra Kumar Sinha had no shame in openly indulging into serious of controversies for the sake of personal benefits.


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