The horrific reality of an Islamist no-go-zone in Britain


Mustafa Qadri

The quiet and peaceful town of Walsall has become infested with hostile Islamic gangs and violence. The first video is emblematic of the conquering strategy that Islam has; the Muslims within the video are clear on their plans to establish Islam and have proclaimed that they “run this area”. Envisaging an apartheid state which is controlled by Muslims, they have conveyed that no other group of people are allowed to enter this area. Their clear hatred of black people is signified. It relates to their prophet, who had black slaves and said that the “Devil will look like a black man” and called blacks “raisin heads”. This strategy of conquering has not been investigated by the police at all; nor has there been any community engagement to prevent this type of racial division. The only priority that the police and council have is to appease the Islamic community. They are afraid to investigate the hatred and the incendiary language that is being displayed. Furthermore, this clear attempt to impose Sharia is heightened when this Islamic gang begin showing sympathy for Osama bin Laden and laughing. They appreciate how he decimated the World Trade Center, and the lives lost. No one from the Muslim community has decided to protest or prevent these violent Islamists from creating apartheid; they sit quietly whilst complaining about “Islamophobia”.

Moreover, towards the end of the video, anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred is displayed openly. One of the Sharia supporters claims that “if he had the chance he would kill the Jews,” and laughs about it. Just imagine if a fool from another community said this about Muslims. There would be uproar; however, there is no mention or investigation of this clearly stated desire to commit genocide against Jews. Jews are already a targeted community by Islamists; many have had to flee their homes and return to Israel. The language spoken by this Islamist originates from the Jew-hatred with the Koran; Mohammed stated that Christians and Jews are “the worst of creatures” (98:6). Mohammed also states that the “Final hour won’t arrive until Muslims kill Jews”. Mohammed also conquered the Jewish tribes and subjugated them, on one occasion beheading approximately 600-900 Jews. The Jew-hatred stems from the Koran and the hadith, and are clear commands for Muslims to dominate Jews, so Judgment Day can appear faster; that is why this Jihadi was inciting genocide against Jews.

This second video is also from the city of Walsall. There doesn’t appear to be any assimilation or integration from some members of the Islamic community. Meanwhile, there are many who are integrated, but they have not done much to stop this lack of assimilation or raise it as a problem with a councillor or MP. The video highlights a group of Muslim gangs fiercely beating each other with weapons, including baseball bats. Many people were injured and females were also brutally assaulted. For how long is this type of behaviour going to continue? When is the Islamic community going to sort out the people within the community who are creating even more sectarianism and violence? The Member of Parliament for Walsall is Labour Party’s Valerie Vaz. She has done nothing to stop this type of criminality, or even respond to it. This is the violence that is already being displayed. Now just imagine how much more hostile the Islamic community would be if they confronted an ex-Muslim.

This third video also shows an eruption of violence between the Muslim community in the same town of Walsall. Now before you hear about an Islamophobic attack in this case, the perpetrator was a Muslim lady pulling the hijab off another Muslim lady, not a non-Muslim. There was bloodshed and chaos; the non-Muslim inhabitants are living in fear due to constant violence and aggression from the Islamic community, and not much seems to be done. In Walsall recently, a white family were persecuted and a woman and her husband were beat severely with bricks by the Islamic community. There was no international media outcry. Furthermore, the complicit police did not even publicise the attack, but hid it under the carpet, with no prosecution. Instead, the victims were moved 50 miles away from their previous house, and the Walsall police have not even displayed any information due to fear of being politically incorrect. This will eventually be the aftermath, if there is tolerance towards Sharia. It won’t be long before a Sharia No-Go zone comes to you!


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